Gospel Artist and Pastor Kim Burrell Being Sued By Andrew Caldwell!!

Reader, Kim Burrell may be facing legal woes, in addition to all of the criticism she’s faced over the past few weeks regarding her anti-homosexual sermon. Although everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, the famed gospel singer has been dragged relentlessly for her’s. Now, a very unlikely individual has taken things to a whole ‘notha level.



  1. Saw that youtube clip of this Caldwell guy, smh. Unbelievable. This joker needs serious spiritual help when he actually thinks he's okay and going thru with all this foolishness.

  2. This individual is so effeminately ANNOYING, it's a struggle to get through one of his sentences. All the cackling and noise and incoherent static is simply nauseating. I won't be surprised if he is being paid to come against Kim. All the ranting is simply a bit much. And he was invited to speak at somebody's church? OMG!!! This dude needs some serious counseling! I think this will be the last time I ever watch this here individual...EVER!!!


  3. He is really stretching his 15 minutes of fame.

  4. Enough is truly Enough. He needs to get Saved , Delivered, and Truly Set Free from being a Homosexual. He is Bipolar. Stop playing with God. Is he going to anybody church ??? He needs some spiritual guidance. God have mercy on his soul.

  5. Instead of him suing anyone. Son get on your knee's and CRY OUT. GOD SAVE MY SOUL. DELIVER ME FROM BEING A HOMOSEXUAL. LORD TOUCH MY MIND.


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