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A Shelter Require Homeless Women To Attend Megachurch And Tithe!!

Reader this is a doggone shame, a homeless woman says a shelter required her to attend Church of the Highlands, even though a church where she was a member was about a block away.
A women's shelter in Birmingham requires all residents to board a
van and attended worship services at the Woodlawn branch of the Church of the Highlands each Sunday. They're not given the option to attend any other church. They're also required to tithe every week, despite being homeless.


Can God Be Using Steve Harvey???

Reader Steve Harvey is coming under some major fire for the meeting he had yesterday with Donald Trump. According to social media Trump has tapped Steve Harvey to create an African American initiative with Ben Carson. Black folks are really in their feelings about this meeting, but in my mind, I'm thinking why in the heck can't God be using Steve Harvey? 

Just like God used the unlikely Moses, the junior Senator from Chicago (Barack), virgin Mary, ex street hustler Malcolm X, please believe me, God can use without a doubt Steve Harvey.

 Comedian D.L. Hughley has pointed out something that I've not notice until now. Donald Trump trots out rappers, football players, and comedians because that is the only way he seems to see black people. I've never notice that until now.

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  1. Miss Ann,

    It is unfortunate that you mention Moses, a man of God and Harvey a cursing comedian (who talks about his mama taking him to church, and yet there is no fruit) in the same sentence.

    Also, believers should quit the "God can use anyone" lie. All the men that God used, were men who had faith and purposed to be obedient to God (Hebrews 11).

    Did you notice that Steve talked golf with Trump exchanging scores and joking about that? Steve's been to Trumps various golf courses, that is how and where the rich folk "cut" deals. Don't even think for a minute that their meeting had anything to do with inner cities. You won't remember this in March because there will be other issues that may come up. But Steve will have another show, his wife's and step son's fashion houses will be soaring. And the inner cities, well... they'll still be inner cities.

    What Obama couldn't do in 8 years, Trump won't be bothered at all. That was smoke-screen for the simple minded. Beware!

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. Please tell me why it's unfortunate that Moses and Steve can't be mentioned in the same paragraph? Mose was just a mere man just as Steve is just a mere man.

    2. Miss Ann,

      Hebrews 11. Moses - a man of faith, who forsook the riches of Egypt to lead the Israelites to the promised land. At the end of his journey, he dared any of the Israelites to declare if he'd taken any of their property but none came forward. But most of all implored them to choose life and obey God, including warning them of false prophets who would come in their midst (read Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Numbers).

      Steve - a man making money, claiming to be CLO (Chief Love Officer) while pimping out young unsuspecting ladies in living color (pretending it is a date), lying to women that he wrote a book (Act like a lady, think like Man) for them yet it was all about gender bending the next generation, cursing, talking in sexual undertones, pretending that he knows church folk but obviously doesn't know the WORD of God. I remember when he was debuted on TBN, I couldn't for the life of me wrap my head around it. Showing off his bling and messing up bible verses and the audience thought they were jokes. Really?!!!

      That is why it is unfortunate.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    3. This some bs, The way Steve Harvey spoke of that man . Now all of a sudden he sits with him.. notice he put a plug in about his mentoring . I don't buy it. It Stinks.

    4. Right...compare Steve to mere men (women) like Martin King, or Louie Farrakhan, or Jamaal Bryant, or Fred Douglass, Harriett Tubman, or Kim Burrell, but not the "GREAT Deliver" Moses, who saw the back of God, received His commandments, instructed a nation on God's holy laws and holies of holies. Don't do Moses such a disservice.

  2. A double minded man is UNSTABLE in all his ways... My problem is at the point Steve is in his career he does NOT need the TRUMP name to bring about "change" in the community!! Just gather some of your people and put in WORK!! I'm not buying his story and I'm DONE with him...

  3. Ms. Ann, this is exactly why people have trust issues. How could he be strongly against this man and then turn around and take a meeting with this man? It's just way too much brown nosing and back tracking going on. Seems like black folks are still so easily controlled and influence by the white man. The white rich man. The master called and the slave comes. I don't trust any of them. When will black folks ever learn to stand their ground and not let money and power driven by the white man control them? When are we gonna put our own money and resources back into our own community and do what we need to do?

  4. Steve Harvey should never ever and I mean never ever be put in the same category as MOSES. Steve isn't SAVED. So stop trying to put them in the same category. Obama the same. He isn't SAVED. There's a lot Obama could have done but he didn't. He lied about his stance on same sex marriage. Just to name 1. Harvey is about Harvey and nobody else. With all the money he has and the connections he could have been doing some things beneficial to the African American Community. Building low income housing, charter schools, health clinics, social and athletic clubs. He didn't need to meet with Trump for that. Trump is a white man with money and power and now all these Black Celebrities want to hang out with him. Cause he is the New Master In Charge. IJS

  5. Moses was a man BUT a holy man of God let's look at what is said about Moses.

    One of the most significant tributes to him is the fact that he was, in some sense, a type (prophetic picture) of the coming Messiah (Deuteronomy 18:15ff; Acts 3:22ff).

    Hebrews 11:24‭-‬27
    By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter; Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward. By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

    Moses knew that sin could be pleasurable—something to be enjoyed—but he also was convinced that there is no true happiness therein. Sin is never associated with happiness in Scripture. Indeed, “the way of the transgressor is hard” (Proverbs 13:15).

    So no Steve Harvey is definitely not to be compared to Moses. Unless one is lacking spiritual discernment.

    1. Amen Brother IRA...

      Keep quoting those Scriptures.

  6. If God can use a jackals, He sure can use Steve Harvey...you know what I mean?


    1. Waaa...Waaa...Waaa...rooster.

  7. God can use roosters too...remember the rooster crowed three times when Peter lied to deny the SAVIOR. This rooster is more than a minister than Steve Harvey, and even possibly YOU. IJS...


  8. Ms. Ann, while Steve Harvey and DL Hughley may have worked together as Kings of Comedy, they have certainly gone seperate ways over the years. Both have radio shows but from very different perspectives. KUDOS to DL for using his platform to not only inform but being an advocate for the black community. Here he addresses the visit Harvey recently made to Donald Trump.


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