Actor Morgan Freeman Attends Pentecostal Church Service To Witness Speaking In Tongues In Season 2 Of "The Story of God"!

Reader, prophets, spiritual enlightenment and the afterlife – they are mysteries as old as time. National Geographic and Revelations Entertainment seek clarity on some of humanity’s biggest questions in season two of the Emmy-nominated hit series “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,” premiering on Monday, Jan. 16, at 9/8c.
The second season of National Geographic's "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman," is now underway, and in episode two the Academy Award-winning actor visits a Pentecostal church to find out more about speaking the heavenly language of tongues.

As host of the network’s most-watched series of all time, Freeman will again take viewers around the world on a quest for interfaith understanding and connectivity through the lens of the world’s major religions, science, anthropology and archaeology. The series will also air globally later this spring on National Geographic channels in 171 countries and in 45 languages, and in Spanish on Nat Geo MUNDO.


  1. Maybe this dude will get some type of conviction. I just wonder... It'll take a miracle.

  2. The Story of God is found in God's Word...

  3. Annnnddd...
    Morgan Freeman is on record stating to be an atheist.
    Okkk, credibility dissappearing in 3, 2 1....

    1. Booyah!

      In all seriousness, y'all! This is for entertainment only. But behind-the-scenes it is aimed to cause confusion and falling away (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3). Beware!

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want..

    2. LOL! 3,2,1... that's pretty good. And yes "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want" so true..

  4. And Of Course Morgan... who is seeking a “story”, to understand through his “experience”...would show up at a Pentecostal church, where this denomination thrusts to show off their faith through much of what they “experience”. The clapping, the shouting, the hooping, the hollering, the laying on of hands, the music, the spitting, the slaining in the Spirit out, the running, the covering of the ladies, the jerking, the offering, etc. I’m quite sure all this will propel Morgan Freeman to make more of a mockery.


    Hey Ann, I see you welcome the “ANONYMOUS” back. It’s not so much a name, as much as what is being written. We anonymous’ make up most of the responses.

    1. True dat "Get outta here" on that Morgan Freeman...

  5. Yeah I thought was funny too ,Morgan Freeman isn't he an atheist? Just another attempt to cause confusion and to lead people astray . I agree read your bible . Hollywood is working on hells agenda .

  6. This is so sad and disrespectful to GOD. Morgan is an Atheist. So he would do anything to disrespect GOD. He doesn't realize that he is playing with fire. I am praying that he will get Saved and Filled with the Holy Ghost. He needs to ask GOD to give him wisdom and knowledge and understanding of HIS Holy Word. The BIBLE has everything that he needs to get started. Hollywood is always trying to make a mockery out of GOD and Christianity.


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