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Why Is Black Gospel Music Sales Down?

Reader is Black Gospel Music about to go under? Everyone is talking about how gospel music is going under and it's on it's last leg because of  poor record sales. The sales for Black Gospel music are down by 60% and the Contemporary Christian music is up by 40%. What with that?  Lately I have been watching several videos on individuals speaking on the fact that Gospel Music is at an all time low in sales and many well known Gospel Artists are either tweeting or posting their frustration out to the public on the subject matter. Thursday night by way of social media (Periscope) Pastor Deitrick Haddon and Larry D. Reid both gave their opinion and take on the decline of Gospel Music.   I haven't said much about this so let me give my two cents. Gospel Music no longer speaks to me, it sound is very generic, for lack of a better word.

While I 100% agree that music should be purchased and supported. I have to flip the script and fuss back at the Gospel Artists.  When are you guys…

Fix It Jesus: Christian Mother Claims Christy Sheats Killed Daughters Because They Were Sleeping With Black Guys!!

Reader, I'm speechless! A "Christian" blogger is inciting the ire of these"Internet Streets" by claiming that Christy Sheats killed her daughters over "race mixing" and called her a "martyr." The one Christian blogger thinks she should be praised because she did what she had to do to stop her daughters from sleeping with black guys.

The thing that bugs me the most is that this nutcase is just guessing as to the cause of the shooting. No one really knows, least of all the man married to her. He thinks that the shooter was going to announce an impending divorce and that she killed the children to deprive their father of their love. Any way you slice this up, it's pretty sick.

If you don't know who Christy Sheats is she's the Texas mother who shot and killed both of her children (ages 22 and 17) before being gunned down by police.

The Homegoing Service For Bishop Samuel L. Green,Jr.

Reader the National Homegoing Service for Bishop Samuel L. Green, Jr. was stream live at

Lord Have Mercy, Kirk Franklin Proves Christians Can Reach The Mainstream With The Gospel, But Didn't Jesus Do It First?

Reader Kirk Franklin is being credited with taking the Gospel to the world.  Folks are saying they grew up on Kirk's music and he had made it cool to be a Christian. In my humble opinion it took Kirk Franklin compromising and partnering with blasphemy to "prove" that Christians can reach the mainstream with The Gospel. Didn't Jesus proved that on Calvary?  He went and addressed issues with the religious people stoning other people for their sins, THEN He told them to GO and sin no more. A man that continues to blaspheme and a man that continues to partner with it is supposed to be seen as "reaching the mainstream"? I'm all for reaching the lost and awesome testimonies all Glory to God but the road is narrow my friends.

The name Kirk Franklin instantly brings to mind grandiose mega gospel hits, choirs, and his characteristic praise yell. However, one of the more overlooked but equally notable legacies for the artist appears in his reach toward mainstream …