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The Condrey Evangelistic Association: Stand America Prays!

Reader it's been said in times of great difficulty, "all we can do is pray!" But if you really think about it--prayer should never be our last resort, but our first step! It's time to put aside our differences, Stand together, and Pray. Join thousands of others this Saturday at 12noon until 4pm, at the Georgia Dome for The Stand-America Prays. let us join arms with other pastors, artists, and men/women who simply want to see God move in our nation! 

Lord Have Mercy: Preachers Are Calling Churches So They Can Preach Instead Of Getting A Job And Going To Work.

Reader the following post is making its rounds on social media, what do you think?
"I have NO RESPECT for preachers young or old that calls around asking people to preach for them. Some are BOLD and got the audacity to call you and then give you an honorarium amount. INSANE!!! PLEASE stop calling my office because it's NOT going to happen and once again we DOOO NOOOT have preaching at THE EDGE. I've preached over 20 years of back to back revivals, services, etc. by INVITE all over the world!!! Your gift will make room for you. If you need some money GET A JOB and stop trying to hustle the CHURCH. +EDL ‪#‎ThatsNotGod‬" Facebook:

Prophet Brian Carn Call Out Christians Who Celebrate The Pagan Holiday Easter With A All White, Passover Service!??!?!

Reader social media said it's amazing how Open Rebuke can bring out some truth. It looks like Prophet Brian Carn is getting somewhat of  a pushback over the following comment and video:
We had the courage to overcome Holloween, Santa Claus, and other traditions that are not biblically sound. Let us now challenge the mixture of Easter (Ishtar), Good Friday, Sunrise service with the truth about the Passover. It takes courage to discard strong but inaccurate traditions and to embrace the truth. ‪#‎Traditions‬ of man vs the commandments of God.

Church Announcement: Another Pastors & Church Leader Conference?

Reader I know what you’re thinking. The last thing the Black Christian community needs is another high-profile pastor and leader conference. In which I'm in total agreement with you......unless it's a conference that's gathering influential church leaders, who planned to strengthen the very organization that God has called to offer hope to a dying world.