What The Heck, Donald Trump IS NOT OUR KING, The RNC Message Celebrating Christmas!

Reader, I kid you not the RNC put out a Christmas press release comparing their leader to Christ, as "a new King." This is not okay. WHAT. THE. HECK?!?! Who is the "NEW king" they are referred to? Surely no one with the initials DT? I'm appalled -- and this is supposed to be the party of Christian values. The religious-right. At this point, I don't know who or what they believe in -- but it ain't centered around Christ.


  1. Miss Ann,

    Christians who belong to political parties have to subscribe to the doctrines of the respective parties.

    The LORD is my Shepherd,I shall NOT want...

  2. Ms Ann, we KNOW by now, that you don't like Trump! The quote is supposed to be talking about Jesus but they left the meaning ambiguous.

    When Black folks were calling Nobama "The Messiah" most Black folks didn't bat an eyelash.

    1. Anonymous no I don't care for DT at all but I wasn't one of the ones who had heaped praises on President Obama as if he was a king.

  3. I wondered when you was going to get to this . It came across on my desk from RawStory. It's blasphemy. I am not a Donald Trump fan nor did I think that President Obama was the Black Messiah. I know that there is only one true MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST. And you can't be a TRUE CHRISTIAN and spue HATRED. God is a God of Love,Peace and Unity. Jesus Christ was Born for the sole purpose to die for our sins. That we might have a right to be with HIM and HIS FATHER OUR BELOVED GOD. Yes Lord !!!


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