The Most Shocking Death Of 2016 For Many In The Christian Community Was The Death Of Prince!??!?!

Reader, I know that we got a couple of more days left in 2016. But it's not hard for me to believe that the above comment is true, at least for me. Judging by the number of tributes that was done in Prince honor, leads me to believe that the Christian community really took the death of the purple one serious.

The music world and the Christian community were shocked by the sudden death of exceptional musician Prince, early in the year. There were shock and disbelief in many churches around the world following the announcement of the death of Prince.The death of the songwriter, singer and music producer Prince drew reactions from the Vatican all the way down to our local community church.

 Prince was a brilliant guitarist, and gifted singer, highly creative songwriter, an outstanding composer and even his own producer. This is the first time in my recognition that the Christian church has come out and showed support and love for a secular artist.

The singer died at his Chanhassen, Minn. home on April 21 at the age of 57, the New York Times reports. His given name was Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince played guitars, keyboards and drums in multiple music genres since the late 1970s. He won the Grammy award seven times and achieved Top 10 hits like “When Doves Cry” and “1999.” His acclaimed 1984 movie and album “Purple Rain” was about an aspiring musician.


  1. It was for me. Many in the Christian community were praying that Prince found Christ before he died. I was. After how Michael Jackson died, I didn't realize how much he had literally sold his soul out to the devil. I didn't know about the spells, the blood initiation rites, and other occultic things Michael did, to gain fame. It was almost unreal that an average looking boy named Michael from Indiana with an afro, full lips and dark skin...would be WORSHIPPED by Black people, White people and people from India. People from India still copy his dance moves! His talent was supernatural. But anyone with that level of fame and influence is ALWAYS used by God or satan. None of his songs and videos led people to holiness.

    As for Prince, his songs were full of lust. That can not be denied. But in the early 2000's he stopped making that kind of music. I watched his interview on Tavis Smiley when he said that he studied the Bible "and found that it was truth." I said wheew to myself. At least he recognizes that the Bible is THE truth. I thought he would be a real, born-again Christian soon.

    Prince stopped performing his old songs. (But, even the demons believe and tremble) Plus, Prince was a "jehovah's witness." And "jehovah's witnesses" do NOT believe that Jesus is the Son of God! Jesus says in the Bible that no one gets into Heaven without Him.

    As if THAT weren't enough, Prince was messing with Indian religion. He kept talking about a Third Eye and how it was awakened. His Twitter account was a picture that showed 2 normal eyes and a Third Eye on his forehead. You can not be pure in God's sight and dabble in a religion that serves idols.

    So if Prince was a true jehovah's witness, then he didn't acknowledge Jesus as worthy of praise and honor. I hate to think about that. If true...then Prince is likely in ______. I don't know because maybe he cried out to God to save him, before he crossed into eternity.

    I heard about his death at work. Yes, Ms Ann it shook me to the core. It felt like God Himself had slapped us. I was traumatized. I was NOT affected by Michael Jackson's death. But Prince's death was too much. A very good-looking Black man with supernatural talent, who I prayed for his salvation... A man who might be in hell? It is too much.

    1. That's on point tooprotected.

    2. Thank you Timezone but I am really interested in your comments when Obama leaves office.

    3. No problem, tooprotected. Don't worry, I'm gone say something. Just like I did when Clinton left office, both Bushes and now the latest puppet, Obama. It's ridiculous what these jokers get away with and nobody says anything.

  2. Yall do know Prince was a Jehovah's Witness and this is what they believe? Jesus is a created being, Jesus is Michael the archangel, Jesus was not resurrected, but is a spirit. Jesus returned invisible in 1914 to the organization secretly. Jesus was only a man, The Holy Spirit is an active force-not a person of God. That hell is simply a grave, That heaven is open only to the 144,000, the rest remain on earth. Satan is the author of the doctrine of the trinity. That Jesus cannot be given worship, but only honor as Jehovah's first creation. If he did not repent of this he went to hell, period. He left a Seventh Day Adventist church/cult who also believes Jesus is Michael the archangel. Both churches are cults.

  3. I don't care what Prince's religious beliefs were. He was a human and a very talented one at that. I appreciated his artistry and creative contributions. I was extremely shocked and saddened by his sudden death too.


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