Some Black Christians Are Leaving These White Churches Over Politics and 2016 Election!

Reader, most of these white evangelical churches have loved over the years the way black folks have sowed into their ministry but it sure didn't mean that they have ever cared about black folks, for real. This is a very interesting article, on how politics (Trump) has divided the church. If you can't stand to hear what your religion actually teaches, the problem is not with your religion.

On Nov. 8, white evangelical Christianity and I called it quits,” she wrote in a message posted on Facebook. Ms. Miller, a campus minister at the University of Oregon, says that exit polls showing that 81% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump revealed a divide over race that she, as a biracial woman, can’t condone. “Evangelicals have decided who and with what they will associate,” wrote Ms. Miller, 26 years old, in an online magazine and on Facebook. “It’s not me." 


  1. Those White Evangelicals showed there True Colors. They never cared for People's of Color. Especially Black People's. They were Two Faced. There's nothing covered that won't be uncovered. God allowed everything that happened in the 2016 Presidential Campaign Election to happen. If that's what it took for the U.S.A. to turned themselves back to GOD then so be it. God will get the Glory out everything that's happening. Stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord.


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