Jesus Take The Wheel: Dr. R.C.Sproul Jr, Disturbing, Dangerous and Wrong!

Reader, as once being a big supporter of Ligonier Ministries, I am deeply saddened over the recent revelations about Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., the son of the Founder of Ligonier Ministries. If the news reports are true, he needs his butt kicked. Especially if he was over the alcohol limit when driving with a minor in the car, this is both disturbing, dangerous, and wrong. He was right to resign from Ligonier. I have been aware of RC Jr for many years. Many years ago he made negative headlines in a town where I used to visit regularly. A video surfaced online revealing actions unbecoming of a church leader.  Later, the Ashley Madison "moment of weakness" (which was really a calculated time of sin). Now this. As time goes on, I understand more and more why I have never been able to view Jr as a respected Christian. I cannot find the consistency of spiritual fruit bearing in him. May God grant him repentance, whether that means repentance for a season of sin or a lifetime.

Anyhow here is the TEA according to social media:

On November 29, 2016, RC Sproul Jr was arrested in Indiana for drunk driving with one of his minor children in the car. His blood-alcohol level was .15, nearly twice the legal limit.  While the consumption of alcohol is not a sin, God commands us to consume responsibly, and we are to obey the laws of the land when drinking alcohol. As well, there is no excuse for endangering others on the road and in his car. However, right now we should strive to love and pray for Sproul Jr, his new wife, and his family. It is refreshing Sproul is taking responsibility for his actions and we should encourage him to continue to seek God's grace and mercy during this time.


  1. He needs to make this statement and believe it. Hi my name is R.C.Sproul Jr. and I am an ALCOHOLIC. Admitting that you have a problem is the beginning of healing and deliverance. He needs to ask GOD for help. He needs to get Professional Mental Health Counseling. He could have killed someone, the child in the vehicle could have been killed. He doesn't needs to be in nobody's PULPIT. He need's to take responsibility for all the wrongs he has done. Be a real man . Stop being a PUNK.


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