Is The Backlash Against Russell Moore Because Of His Opposition To Donald Trump??

Reader, so Russell Moore doesn't stand for the values of the SBC because of his opposition to Trump? Wait a minute now, didn't Al Mohler do the same thing? Where are the efforts against him? I told someone some time ago that it would only be a matter of time before "they" came for him. And unfortunately, "they" weren't the unbelievers that people are always so concerned about. The worst damage to the American church has always been caused by the church.

Every time I've seen or heard him speak including places like CNN or Fox News he proudly proclaims the gospel. No watering it down, or changing it to fit his narrative.  Oh. I guess you cannot be a Southern Baptist in good standing without kissing the Republican ring. Moore is one of the best things Southern Baptists have going for them in my opinion.  They need to decide if they are here to serve political aims or God's aims.


  1. Russell Moore was telling the truth and was calling them out for their hypocrisy. I followed him throughout the campaign and applauded his courage for speaking against the moral degenerate the "religious" right was supporting. How do you relentlessly criticize President Obama for eight years because of 2 of his positions, but support someone like Donald Trump?

  2. Russell Moore did what was RIGHT in the eye's of GOD and not the mortal man. And for speaking the TRUTH they want to BLACKLIST him. That's sad. And they are supposed to be Christians represent lives of Christ. SMH. The hated President Obama and his Harvard University Educated Wife still degrading them. But are supporting Donald J. Trump. May GOD have mercy on their souls.


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