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Reader I found the following post on my timeline yesterday, read it and tell me what you think about the job qualification?  A prominent church in East Point, Ga is in search of a permanent organist/keyboardist with choir director skills.  Pay is quite substantial and possibly negotiable. Before inquiring, PLEASE THOROUGHLY read some of the job qualifications.

1. You MUST be a Christian with high spiritual standards.
 2. You must have experience in contemporary gospel/modern church music as well as play in ALL KEYS FLUENTLY....examples:  (Richard Smallwood , Bishop TD Jakes, Donald Lawrence, Kurt Carr, Kirk Franklin, COGIC style, Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, Judith McAllister, Ricky Dillard, Hezekiah Walker, etc).
 3. You must be able to direct and teach parts to a choir. Be familiar with modern praise and worship.
4. You MUST BE ABLE READ MUSIC or be HIGHLY skilled in sight-reading (classical, jazz, etc). This is a MUST!
 5. We desire for a candidate to have some skill and experience in today's music industry (recording in studio and/or live recording) and be able to guide the band as the lead musician. Please have a PROFESSIONAL resume and video of you playing/directing.


  1. Miss Ann,

    My thoughts are that they will get the help that is definitely wanted. Although it will be worldly. The definition of "high spiritual standards" has been verified by the names listed under #2. How high can the standards be if the listed are all on show in terms of their Christianity and the real deal is behind closed doors or in the closet (take your pick).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. What is "COGIC style" ? Maybe Cogic Bishop can help us out on this one. Lol

    1. Haha,don't come for me unless I send for you. Yall already know how it's done in the COGIC. It's all about the riffs and runs. You see Judith McAllister name in the description.

  3. GUILTY AS CHARGED! LOL!!! Yep. When I was back and forth in between chaotic churches and just out there, I was helping churches out on keys. I'll admit. I'll be honest. Sorry Lord. I got outta this foolishness of going on-line and checkin' out opportunities just to get a dollar. Well, I stopped and turned it over to the Lord and allowed God to led me to the right ministry and he did. Ran into a ministry right around the corner from where my family and I lived, smh, amazing. Told the preacher, "look if you offer and love gift to me, great, if you don't, no problem." He told me, not that's that attitude I love. He said he sick and tired of foolishness from musicians and he said he could tell by my heart, I'm dedicated to Christ and not playing keys at the club, I told him yep, I know exactly what you talking about. If churches put in notices for help, well, is it a sin, I'd say no. But I do know that once you get involved with churches and searching, there are some churches that's just for mere entertainment and foolishness and not worship to our Lord Jesus Christ. Tooo many homosexual churches ya'll, it's ridiculous. smh. Anyway, God gonna straightened this mess out.

  4. personally I don't see anything wrong with their request, the direction they are taking their church perhaps dictates these qualifications, their church obviously have a flavor for certain type of music and what's wrong with that (don't most churches have their own flavor). Musician should get paid, back in the day when the churches had 4 and no more, the musician volunteered their services, but many of today's churches records, the musician is following his pastor this place and that place, not to mention the rehearsal for multiple services, I think a salary is feasible...choir members can stay home if they don't feel like going, but the musician has to be their. Agreed high spiritual standards should be a must. I ran across this blog not long ago, and I have never read so many negative comments about most everything you post, it would be nice if people would look for the good in something (not saying being a sell out before you post negative comments). Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year!

    1. Hmmmf. Most of the negative comments came from One person and his sidekick! That person would end his comments with GET OUTTA HERE! And his lady friend would co-sign everything he did. I wonder where he is..

    2. I see you really miss me, huh? Unfortunately I have several projects going on, and don't have time to reply and respond like I could. I see too protected missed me to as she gave a comment similar to yours. No need for any to fret.I will be BACK, strong and forward as ever...GET OUTTA HERE!!! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  5. This is a great job description!. Too many musicians can't read music, can't teach choirs and its great to see Christian standards are at the top of the list. Although its no guarantee that they won't get someomne of questionable morals, it should scare some of these away when they know it's about more than playing by ear and sounding good.

  6. I don't see the issue. You Pharisees are something else.


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