Gospel Music Alleged Gatekeeper Kirk Franklin And Hezekiah Walker, On Why Youth Church Attendance Is Down!??!?!?

Reader the "alleged" Gospel music gatekeeper himself  Kirk Franklin and Bishop Hezekiah Walker came through to the "Get Up"  studio to talk about everything gospel the other day with Erica Campbell & GRIFF. They talked about the challenges the face as gospel artists in 2016, and how hard it is to watch the genre struggle in some aspects.

  Kirk explains why he thinks young people aren’t as fired up about going to church as they used to be, and what the responsibility is as gospel artists in responding to that. Click on the below clip to hear more in this exclusive interview from “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.”


  1. At about 5:30 of this discussion she mentions Charles (Butt-Naked) Jenkins getting millions of views of his music video, and how people WANT more gospel music.

    Then Hezekiah Walker immediately starts talking about the lack of integrity among gospel artists.

    And none of them bothered to call out Charles Jenkins as an example of gospel artists lacking integrity.

    They haven't called out
    Charles (butt-Naked)Jenkins,
    James (hot water)Fortune, or
    LeAndrea (How is she a pastor)Johnson and others.

    You can't talk about integrity of gospel artists and then continually wash over, ignore and turn a blind eye to your own peers in the industry.

    Not sure if that's why young people aren't following gospel music, but it sure ain't helping.

    1. @ Cop,

      Franklin, Walker, and Campbell are not in position to call out either of the above. If they did, their own "business" would be out on social media in a heartbeat.

      It is safer for them to be general than specific. None of them can stand on the WORD of God like God's prophets, Jesus and his apostles and speak truth because they themselves are living a lie.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. Surprised Walker is even Kirk's company here. Wasn't it just recently, Walker exposed Kirk as one of the gatekeepers who was unwilling to share the gospel music platform? I guess Ole Boy Hez snatched at an opportunity to get a payout for being a guest on Erica's Radio Show.

    And what about all the distain Kirk and Erica seemingly have for the practices of the GOOD OLD BLACK CHURCH, like attending services more than once a week? To replace these practices with what? Worldly talk and immodesty, and company with the ungodly like Kanye, and that rapper who invited Kirk to the Strip Club? And WE SAW what happened to Kanye!

    I guess Kirk's and Erica's "new" way haven't advanced the kingdom much after all, because it's being said even TODAY, folks are STILL “NOT ATTENDING CHURCH”. And what exactly are the results of THEIR “new” way, their high praise through songs, concerts, radio shows, and reality TV? What real fruit is produced because of "THEIR" ministry? They talk about relationship versus religion. Exactly what is "relationship" according to them? Is it dying daily, praying without ceasing, and being a godly steward giving as God has given? Is it sacrificing to become a missionary, giving up the comforts of this life to extend the Gospel to the poor of a foreign land? It’s one thing to just mention “relationship”. It’s another thing to talk “right relationships”, ONLY as the Bible admonishes.

    Kirk and Erica want to come across as “fresh” and “in tune”, discerning why young people are not attending church. ( And by the way, who cares much about church attendance anyways? You have many who attend church, and aren't even saved, especially in a lot of these mega churches. For Kirk and Erica to make the concern young people not attending church a point of focus is really TIRED.}

    All these young people are not attending church because church is “boring”. Could it be, like the rest of us, they are born sinners, and are bent towards things ungodly and of the flesh? Or maybe many are being indoctrinated with anti-Bible, anti-God, anti-Christian propaganda in the schools and the media at very early age? Kirks and Erica’s new way will not mention these as possibilities. Kirk's new way will never encourage these young to study to show themselves approved, rightly dividing the Word of truth AND give an answer against all the ANTI-CHRIST lies taught these young people . And his “good worship happy-clappy heart wrenching” songs are not going to keep them there either.

    Kirk and Erick have no answers. They live in such a way, the things they do and say, that leads many of us to question if they are truly of the faith. GET OUTTA HERE!!!

  3. Kirk, Erica, Hezekiah. All can take a seat . They all needs some deliverance, salvation, Holy Ghost in there lives. How can the blind lead the blind. There lifestyles speak for themselves. They are not living the living the way of Holiness. It's a difference between clean and unclean. They associate themselves with ungodly folks, there music is not representative of GOD anytime music is played in daclubs and folks feel comfortable with it. None of them have any integrity so none of them can talk about each other. Yes Truly All Them Truly Need Jesus Christ In There Lives.


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