"God Spoke To Me" Pastor Made Sex Tapes With Several Church Members, Refuses To Step Down!

Reader, I pray that in the coming year we have less and less of these kinds of stories.  A pastor in Houston, Texas has been exposed for making sex tapes with several female members of his church.  However, Pastor Hosea Stubblefield is refusing to step down. Stubblefield is the head pastor of Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Houston.

 A woman who used to date him exposed the pastor on her blog. The sex tapes shared online show the 32-year-old pastor being intimate with several women from his congregation. The women Stubblefield has sex with include the daughter of his deacon, who is among the members demanding his resignation.

The pastor spoke to his church and the press, admitting that he made the tapes but refusing to give up his position. Stubblefield’s argument is that he made those tapes two years ago and that he has changed since because “God spoke to me”. (Source: Fox 4)


  1. Miss Ann,

    Surely in this day and age there should be a level of spiritual maturity where one shouldn't accept less when it comes to having a shepherd over one's soul.

    Jesus declared that he is the Good Shepherd (John 10:14). What more do people want/need? A man of God speaking nonsense over your life and inappropriately putting his hands on you because he is in the position to take advantage? A resounding NO!!!

    I'm grateful that I don't live under "churchianity" anymore.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. "For ye were as sheep going astray; but now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls." 1 Peter 2:25

      His Name is Jesus Christ!

      Let no one accept anything less!

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. It's only going to get worse Mrs. Ann. sorry, that's just Bible. As for this clown, he need to go sit down just like Eddie Long needed to long time ago.

  3. The churches with these pastors that have gone buck-wild with their behavior and conduct are part of the problem.

    What do they mean HE WONT STEP DOWN!!! It's not his decision.

    Your lead pastor made A "SEX TAPE" with MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH.

    Change the church letter head, Pack his Bible, call the locksmith and kick him out!!!

    You ain't got to stop preaching (although he should)
    But you got to get up out of here.

    1. Lol! I agree. We are forgiven of our sins, but there are still consequences. God is merciful AND HOLY.

  4. I have to say there's no excuse for his behavior. My conscience wouldn't allow me to testify in church much less preach weekly knowing I've committed such a grave sin against God and my church. I bet if he stole money he'd be gone by now

  5. Four Other Options -

    He leaves (CONTRITION)

    He stays (CONTROL)

    You leave (CONSCIENCE)

    You stay (CONSENT)


  6. He is arrogant. He has a reprobated mind. He has no fear of GOD. And anyone that would stay under his leadership as a pastor they needs some professional mental health counseling. And above all they needs to be SAVED themselves to put up with that foolishness. He didn't put a gun to there heads and tell them to have sex with him they all were adults and they all were wrong. They all were committing fornication. Sin is Sin. Yes you repent and stop sining. But none of them needs to be in any kind of leadership. His problem is that he thinks the church is his ATM and that he is the CEO. They needs to change the locks, have the local authorities come and escort him off the premises. Close out all the bank accounts. Close y'all wallets and don't pay no bills at the church, no tithes, no love offerings ,no mortgage, no water bills,no salary. He will leave. He has no dignity, no shame,no pride. Just arrogance. He thinks that he is Black Jesus. God have mercy on his soul.


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