Church Announcement: 5 Gospel Legends On One Stage!!

Reader this Gospel event is truly for the old school Gospel lovers.  The 6th Annual Reid's Records Gospel Festival is back with Live performances in Sacramento, CA and Oakland CA. This years performances have 5 Legends on 1 stage. The line up includes:

Pastor Shirley Caesar, The Legendary Rance Allen Group, Lashun Pace, Paul Porter and Douglas Miller.

Great old school lineup but I wonder what kind of deal that was made with this church?? For me this is one of the biggest reason churches should lose their tax exempt. When the  church operate like they are a business and the preacher the CEO. Imagine the amount of tax free money someone is making from this one event.  They are actually selling tickets according to a seating chart:

Main Floor Vip Gold: $77.50
Main Floor Vip Red:   $57.50
Main Floor Premium Seating: $47.50
Balcony Seating: $27.50


  1. Lady Brock , They needs to lose their 501 (3c) cause they are running a business not a church. They will not pay one penny one the revenue of the sales of the tickets. The price range is ridiculous from $ 27.50 to $ 77.50 to see and hear the same folks are you kidding me. These folks are using the church for Legal Money Laundering. That's all. They needs to be stopped. God is not pleased with these lieing Preachers and Ministries using his name for Fame and Fortune. If one thing Donald Trump needs to do is . He needs to put some of these crocked preaches in jail.

  2. VIP seats in church???? Charlatans using their gifts for profits... as a preacher -I agrree, these organizations are in violation of tax laws and should loose their 501c status...

  3. VIP in the Church. GOD don't have no VIP seats. They needs to go to the ALTAR and REPENT. Lose there 501 ( 3c) they are running a business not a Church. The Church should never ever have folks feeling like the. HAVE bSND HAVE NOTS. Close down the church go into the CLUB BUSINESS. Cause that's what they have VIP"S Sections not the House of God. They are disrespecting GOD and GOD"S HOUSE.


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