The Second Coming Of Jesus,Teen Says She’s Pregnant With Baby Jesus!

Reader what in the world is going on? It's a good time to remember that Jesus second coming will not be as His first coming (baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger) but instead as our JUDGE. This is a very sad story. This girl has mental issues, she had an ultrasound taken on Dr. Phil Show yesterday,  in which she claimed she's giving birth in 9 days to baby Jesus, but the ultrasound showed absolutely positively no baby. She still doesn't believe them, it's very sad. She also believed Eminem was her father.

A 19-year-old female referenced as Haley insisted on the Dr. Phil show Thursday that her pregnancy is a miraculous one because she believes Jesus himself is in her womb. Although six medical tests revealed the teen is not pregnant, Haley believes her growing tummy is a sign of the growing divine child in her. She says the medical test results are all false, and claims her 22-pound weight gain in the past year is proof of her pregnancy.

  'Jesus Christ Is In My Womb,' Says Teen


  1. What a but case . She is demon possessed. Lock her up in the nearest mental health facility. She isn't the Virgin Mary.God have mercy on her soul. She is committing blasphemy.

  2. She delusional and sick. The devil has tormented her mind. She's a but case.

    1. "a but case" ? lol, check your spelling.

  3. NUT CASE . bipolar, schizophrenia. Is that better. She needs some professional help.

  4. Ann yes she was on dr Phil Thursday, they did an ultrasound and she's not even pregnant. Bloated bowls. And I agree with you,Jesus isn't coming back as a baby.

  5. After 6 negative pregnancy tests and an ultrasound showing no baby at all, she was still insisting she was pregnant. Dr. Phil sent her to a treatment facility...mental one.

  6. She has been traumatised through life and this is the outcome of all those bad things that happened to her. Her sister is functioning ok having been through same abuse. I think she simply needs mental help and therapy to heal and come back to reality. This world she has created is a mental block to pain. Prays for her as she needs help and thankfully her family are still trying to help her.


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