The Father Has Called Home Brother Kim Clement!

Reader, I salute a general and a son of South Africa soil who was a prophetic voice to nations Prophet Kim Clement. It is with deep sadness to report that Kim Clement, a great prophet of God, has passed on into eternity into the arms of Jesus. He will be missed.

The prophetic ministry is an invaluable gift that has an extraordinary impact on mankind. While some may believe that it ceased with the apostles in the New Testament, it is very much alive and continues to gain momentum. While the gift prophecy is given for all to have, the gift of a prophet is only for "SOME." Kim Clement was one of the "SOME." Thank you for the impact that you have made and the legacy you leave.


  1. "Brother" Kim made many prophecies that did not come to pass. Like T.B. Joshua, when those prophecies didn't come to pass, the high-society of Christian evangelists ignored it or claimed that the prophecy had a "deeper" meaning. T.B. Joshua recently clapped back at his critics and states that since Hillary won the popular vote, his prophecy was accurate. That's NOT what his prophecy said. When asked Who would be president, T.B. clearly said that he saw a woman!

    In the Old and New Testament, God was very cut-and-dry about his prophecies. The prophets of God had (and still) have a 100% accuracy rate.

    Btw, i do hope Kim made it into the gates of HEAVEN.

    1. Just WOW concerning that T.B. Joshua guy Anonymous.... smh..

  2. Miss Ann,

    True prophets and false prophets are clearly defined in Deuteronomy 18. So there is no way a prophet of God can miss one prophecy and then hit with another prophecy. It's either/or and not in between. So we should be careful when we are praising mortal men yet they could have led so many in the way of Balaam.

    Prophets shouldn't hide behind a deeper meaning of a prophecy. They should make it plain so that whoever reads it understands without questions (Habakkuk 2).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  3. Yall Prophet Kim Clement was most certainly a FALSE prophet who preached a false gospel and operated under the influence of familiar spirits who counterfeit the Holy Spirit. Kim Clement denied the cross and preached another gospel. He denied the sin nature and the need for repentance.

    "I do not believe that you must be born again to obtain salvation. I believe there is a distinction" Kim Clement (Doctrinal Statement September 26, 2001)

    There is NO discernment in the Body of Christ to hold these false prophets up to Biblical standards, thus the majority are deceived. He was definitely a false apostle operating under familiar spirits, not the Holy Spirit.

    1. COGIC Bishop I didn't know this🤓


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