Let's Pray For Bishop Hezekiah Walker As He Shakes Up The Gospel Music Industry.

Reader, Bishop Hezekiah Walker has taken to social media to expose and to address an evil circle group in Gospel music known as The Gatekeepers.  He took to his social media platform to expose the group, and to also announce his exit. The post was seen around the Gospel music world yesterday.  Multiple Grammy® Award winner and pastor, Hezekiah Walker, is usually not very vocal on social media but yesterday afternoon, he posted a very direct message to those who he referred to as “The Gatekeepers” of the gospel music industry, and their unwillingness to share their platform.  Some are saying this was the narrative of Thomas Clay and several other independent artists for a long time. They were called emotional, sensitive, and lazy because of a truth they had been exposing.

Many people read the post as him leaving gospel music but that couldn’t be further from the truth. “I’m not leaving the industry at all”, he said from his tour bus on the Festival of Praise Tour. “My post was not throwing anyone under the bus, but it was something that had to be said. I’m tired of playing the game and not saying anything”. Walker has been singing gospel music for over 30 years. Songs like “Calling My Name”, “Power Belongs T God”, “Jesus Is My Help”, “Souled Out”, “Every Praise” and his latest smash hit “Better” have helped catapult him to the top of his game and the top of the charts.

 One would think that he is one of the “gatekeepers” that he speaks against. “I guess I would be considered as one of the gatekeepers”, Walker said. “But I want to stay true to what I do and not be associated with that crowd. There are people in this industry who actually block other gospel artists from major opportunities and that’s not right. God is the gatekeeper of gospel music, not us”.
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  1. Great! I hope this is a stepping stone for things to come to reveal the foolishness of what goes on behind closed doors. I mean, some folks just don't even care about living one thing and portraying another. Kirk is one. I hope the mixing and merging of the profane and suppose to be holy, the competition, sexual favors, homosexuality, paying money under the table in unreasonable amounts and again foolishness that goes on, is either shut down in the gospel music industry or at least rebuked openly.

    1. Timezone...question? Who exactly are the "gatekeepers" of gospel music? Are these folks Jewish? Can you help explain Hez comment in his social media response what he meant when he said they work to keep you away from their platform and level of fame? Is Hez implying he's seeking a certain level of fame? GET OUTTA HERE...

    2. Anonymous I watched Larry Reid Facebook live today, in which it was reported that Kirk Franklin is the gatekeeper that Hezekiah Walker is talking about. https://www.facebook.com/iamLarryDReid/videos/vb.199306460107889/1226351304070061/?type=2&theater&notif_t=like&notif_id=1478286945421008

    3. Well...I've made several comments and gotten into several discussions about music and black gospel music especially. I call upon scriptures in ephesians and colossians admonishing believers to sing psalms hymns and spiritual songs, making MELODY in your hearts. These black gospel artists stray away from this ideal and intentionally refrain from the hymns as they purposely rebel to produce carnal and worldly music, bubble gum gospel and trite little songs. So, Im not surprised the chaos and confusion here with Kirk and the rest of these Babylonian type. Many in kirks original group had to sue him because, according to them they did not get paid. This mess is outta control, and its gonna get worse. Its already bad their music, their lifestyle, their strange fire, and their money and fame. That's the repercussion and consequences of things not done according to the Lords command. GET OUTTA HERE!

    4. Well Anonymous, Mr. Get outta here! lol. It's like this...From my own experience, these gatekeepers vary like crazy. It's these gospel music promoters that put on these "shows" (and that's what they call them) to create this cash cow flow of money to be pocketed into individuals that don't even deserve it. Look.. I do believe a man is worthy of his hire but it's gotten out of hand. Also these presidents of the record labels that work behind the scenes, again, that's only concerned about the money. That's it. Souls have zero to do with it. It's so ridiculous. If there are lyrics they don't agree with, you can forget it. They'll send a request to change those words. Like that DUMB song by Erica Campbell, "I Luh God." That's a song anybody can sing. Well, that's what the presidents of these record labels want. You can forget the days of Commissioned and the Winans. Remember the song "Tomorrow" by the Winans. No more of that. To me, the gatekeepers are the individuals who are allowing satan to control the message of what Jesus Christ is about. Kirk Franklin, smh. This dude is a joke. His name should be Kirk Franklin Don't Judge Me. I remember in 1993 with his first album, "Kirk Franklin and the Family" Songs like Why We Sing, Call on the Lord, and Savior more than life.. I was like this dude is off the chain. But in 1997, "God's Property" That's when everything hit the fan. Satan came in. When Kirk saw that he could communicate to MTV and merge with Cheryl James who was Salt in the rap group, yep, Salt N' Pepa, the gatekeeper, the owners of MTV opened the door and Kirk allowed the ultimate compromise to come in. Now Kirk is on a plight of destruction and I pray that someone reaches him to help him realize that you can not merge with darkness. Being in the studio late at night with the likes of Kanye and engineers cussin' like there's no tomorrow. Are you kidding me? And Kirk says he's there to be a light.. lol. Come on! That's like these fools thinking you can goto the strip club and witness to somebody, lol. anyway, gatekeepers are the one's in my opinion that allow Kirk and Lecrae for example to do what they do and that is to do this foolish pseudo false Christian trap music that's all about compromise and nothing else. It has zero to do with getting people out of sin. God bless

    5. Thank you sor. I was not familiar with the term "gatekeeper". And after reading about gatekeepers on the Bible, lIke "The Lord is My Shepherd" said it has nothing with God Himself.

  2. Miss Ann,

    I agree with Timezone and "Get Outta Here".

    At some point a Christian has to show some level of maturity. Unfortunately the "Gospel Industry" is like any other entertainment industry; all about fame and fortune. One has to sell their soul for these two to get ahead in terms of record sales, thus the award winnings.

    If Hez was truly a Christian (all these years) he would have turned away from this foolishness and put away childish things like talking about "God is the gatekeeper..." 1 Corinthians 13:11

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  3. My mother's cousin Bobby Jones is a gatekeeper. He often bragged about his long reached influence in gospel music industry & how there's a mafia-type control on artists promoted or held back on radio play. Artists touring together are calculated by puppet masters. Homosexual favors are freely given by upcoming artists to gain position & promotional exposure. I was disturbed by the thin distinction between the behind scenes of secular & sacred music. Hollywood's casting couch mentality industry.


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