Charles Barkley Almost Started Another Baltimore Riot, But This Time At A East Baltimore Southern Baptist Church!

Reader, when I first heard about the filming of this new series... I knew it was going to go left... esp. if they chose to use a knucklehead like Charles Barkley.  Whomever green lit this show is no dummy. Anyone who knows anything about this knucklehead knows that his views are controversial. This is going to be like the Real Housewives. It's a shame that someone like him (not an expert, not someone who is in touch with these issues or a person with empathy) is getting such a huge platform with which to take on these serious and important issues.

If networks plan to send celebrities sheltered by fame and wealth to tour cities to talk about race and the police without being knowledgeable about either...for ratings, prepare to be dragged. What people are going through out in these streets, is not something to play with. In my opinion, they need to suspend all movement on this Fix My Life tour. His homecoming queen/ugly girls remark says all we need to know about this knucklehead.


  1. Charles has always lived, walked talked and married WHITE and been very arrogant.
    No surprise at these comments.

    He needs to only look at what happened to OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby to find out if they really care about you.

  2. Barkley is an idiot! He's one of the biggest hypocrites you will ever hear. He wasn't a good student. He can barely talk. He had such a big gambling problem when he played that the NBA had to get involved. I believe if it wasn't for his Inside the NBA gig, he would have had financial issues a long time ago. He was a jerk when he played. He couldn't handle the scrutiny the players have to deal with today.


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