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Does The "Will Of God" Includes Everything?

Reader, there are two clear and very different meanings for the term “It is the will of God ”in the Bible.  How easily these words fall from the lips of some Christians. But how difficult it is to pinpoint exactly what they mean. Few concepts in theology generate more confusion than the will of God.

Many Churches Will Not Hold Christmas Day Services This Year!??!?!

Reader, I'M HEARING MANY CHURCHES will not hold Christmas Day services this year - even though December 25th is a Sunday this year. Churches typically draw their largest crowds on Sundays, but not this Christmas Sunday. With Christmas falling on a Sunday, many pastors are thinking about consolidating services or even canceling worship for the day. Instead, their congregations will show up in great numbers on Christmas Eve and celebrate at home on the holiday.

Pastor Marvin L. Winans Celebrating Forty Years of Ministry!


Gospel Holiday Praise Is Coming To Your Network!

Reader, get ready for Holiday Praise! Holiday Praise is an exciting nationally syndicated one hour TV Special that starts airing this weekend, filled with your favorite gospel artists singing your favorite Christmas songs.  Airing from December 3rd to January 1st syndication everywhere on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, & many other networks in 100 markets. It Airs nationwide on WGN Christmas Eve December 24th at 6pm central & 7pm eastern. Let's lift up GOSPEL!.

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Congratulation To Pastor Jamal Bryant And Singer Tweet On Their Engagement!

Reader word on the WWW is that Pastor Jamal Bryant asked R&B singer Tweet to marry him and she said yes. There is also talks of the two in negotiation for their very own reality show.

If There's A Muslim Registry, Then Should There Also Be A Christian Registry?

Reader, "it is frightening to see that anti-Muslim hate crimes are spiking in number, and Trump’s rhetoric is energizing racist and anti-Muslim hate groups across the nation." How quickly folks forget that they put Japanese Americans into concentration camps and took all of their property and possessions all because white folks were afraid. If folks think that this cannot happen again I'll say this to you, how many of you thought that Donald Trump would be President? This is getting real and people of color and Muslims of all ethnicities better be vigilant and be prepared:


The Potter's House Is Partnering With South Africa And You're Invited To The "Heal Our Land" Live Recording!

Reader, "Donald Trump did not invent racism, but by golly he help fanned the flames of it for the last year, and he's now seen by many as the face of racism." No one can argue that racism is in the very DNA of our great nation from the founding fathers to the very fabric of our flag, the lyrics of our anthem, the soil of our land, and the bodies of our water. And it runs deep through the policies and practices of our institutions.

Many of us have watched the year long daily dose of  Trump's racist, misogynist, and other bigoted attitudes and have wondered how in the world we would ever be able to heal from this?  Well the Potter House of Dallas Texas has set out to help us move on.

GET READY, GET READY and save the date 12/3/2016, Saturday at 7:00pm. we are all invited to experience a live recording and see what God is doing to heal out land.  HEAL OUR LAND LIVE recording is a FREE EVENT and open to the public, doors open at 5:00pm. The cost of admission is a new unw…

New Life Christian Center Church Free Mortgage & Rent Payments Sunday!

Reader, New Light Christian Center Church founded Dr. I. V. Hilliard and church family are offering to pay some lucky person rent or mortgage. So, the next time you hear the term "churches don't do anything for it, members" remember Dr. I.V. Hilliard and this church.

Fantasia Turned R&B Concert Into A Come To Jesus Moment And Over 10 Souls Were Saved!

Reader folks are wondering why the black church has such a bad reputation, to date. To read some of the hateful and hate-filled comments on this clip is narrow-minded and ridiculous. People are upset that Fantasia, who was in a costume for her concert aka at work when God touched her in a mighty way and she went into worship mode has offended  some.  I read the comments about her singing and because of her wardrobe that it was very much unacceptable in God's eye.

Video Here:

Bishop T.D.Jakes Has Some Interesting Things To Say About Race And The Criminal Justice System.

Reader, why do some want to make it seem like all minorities are on the same level about institutional racism and systemic racism? I am sorry but in my opinion, racism is a white problem. Therefore whites are the one who has to work on fixing  it.   I have never seen in any history books or political science books in America, that minorities created slavery, Jim Crows laws, and segregation. We all can find kindness, love, and tolerance in our hearts when we ask GOD for guidance and help. Racism is a heart issue, this election showed us that.

Anyhow, this is a conversation between Bill Hybels and T.D. Jakes during Global Leadership Summit and it is now available to the public. Bishop Jake's and Bill Hybels dialogue about the problem of systemic racism and the dire need for racial reconciliation.

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Eight Black Celebrities Who Need Jesus!

Reader, faith religion is something that is deeply ingrained into the black culture. It's by our faith and belief in Jesus, that we are saved, and fitted for the Kingdom. Religion, in it, self is a duty, which has nothing to do with our salvation. So I would say, to these eight souls let go of religion and get a relationship with Jesus the Christ.

Most black people—especially entertainers, come from a Christian background. This is evident at every award show when the first thing award recipients do is thank God when accepting an award. Religion is such a part of the culture that people often think there’s no such thing as a black atheist. However, there are some celebrities who don’t believe in Jesus or God – at least not in an orthodox way.

Interesting Read:

Trump Country!

Reader, can the government really tell people how to practice their religion? Is this blatant overreach and violation of religious freedom and the first amendment? This country was founded on religious freedom and the freedom of speech and expression, it doesn't matter your faith; this is an attack against all of us who agree and abide by the constitution.  I don't get how anyone thought that this was a good idea. I'm glad the loud online noise was loud enough to shut this down.

 Last week Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer tried to pass a bill that piggybacked off of a 1951 law that effectively prevented the KKK from running around with hoods on, doing the horrible things that the KKK did, back then.  He wanted to amend this unmasking law and have it apply to women of the Muslim faith.


Kingdom City Church Is Now ONE Church In THREE!

Reader Prophet Brian Carn followers are saying look at God, working this thing out.  A new church building, fully furnished, and with a gymnasium too. Look what the Lord has done.
"And I will give you pastors according to mine own heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." (Jeremiah 3.15)
This is Prophet Brian Carn and friends third & newest Kingdom City Church location in St. Mary's, GA.

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Church Announcement: Book The Kurt Carr Christmas Tour For Your Church.

Reader, your church or organization can now book the Kurt Carr Singers for your holiday concerts & services.


Everyone Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!


Charles Barkley Almost Started Another Baltimore Riot, But This Time At A East Baltimore Southern Baptist Church!

Reader, when I first heard about the filming of this new series... I knew it was going to go left... esp. if they chose to use a knucklehead like Charles Barkley.  Whomever green lit this show is no dummy. Anyone who knows anything about this knucklehead knows that his views are controversial. This is going to be like the Real Housewives. It's a shame that someone like him (not an expert, not someone who is in touch with these issues or a person with empathy) is getting such a huge platform with which to take on these serious and important issues.

If networks plan to send celebrities sheltered by fame and wealth to tour cities to talk about race and the police without being knowledgeable about either...for ratings, prepare to be dragged. What people are going through out in these streets, is not something to play with. In my opinion, they need to suspend all movement on this Fix My Life tour. His homecoming queen/ugly girls remark says all we need to know about this knucklehead.

I Find This Very Disturbing.

Reader lets pray for a spirit of revival in Africa, there are several out of control churches and they are getting worse and worse, with the most demonic things you can think of all in the name of miracles. Read the following article. The Religious fraternity has been rocked by another controversy, This time, featuring the use of the Doom insect killer as a healing method. Limpopo based Prophet Lethebo Rabalago has sparked an outrage on social media with his use of the Doom insect killer to heal people in his church. The Mount Zion General Assembly Prophet in Mokgophong has since defended himself in the media saying that he prays over the Doom first like some people would add oil or water for blessings.

 A year ago, the CRL Rights Commission launched an investigation into what it termed ‘the commercialisation of religion and the abuse of people's belief systems’ in South Africa. On 25 October 2016, the Commission released a report detailing its discoveries. The findings included t…

Prophet Brian Carn Prophecy About Kanye West Losing His Mind.

Reader, Prophet Brian Carn followers are coming with the receipts this morning and or saying this is another hit for the man of God, who prophesied the downfall of Kanye West almost a year ago.

  “I saw Kanye West lose his mind…reminiscent of Michael Jackson. People around him knew what was happening but no one intervened and tried to help/stop. Pray for Kanye West, God’s hand is in his life. Pray, pray that he does NOT lose his mind. Kanye & Kim will not be married long."


The Father Has Called Home Brother Kim Clement!

Reader, I salute a general and a son of South Africa soil who was a prophetic voice to nations Prophet Kim Clement. It is with deep sadness to report that Kim Clement, a great prophet of God, has passed on into eternity into the arms of Jesus. He will be missed.

The prophetic ministry is an invaluable gift that has an extraordinary impact on mankind. While some may believe that it ceased with the apostles in the New Testament, it is very much alive and continues to gain momentum. While the gift prophecy is given for all to have, the gift of a prophet is only for "SOME." Kim Clement was one of the "SOME." Thank you for the impact that you have made and the legacy you leave.

Church Steps To False Gods In The House Of God???

Reader, a very large number of pastors in the African-American community are in Greek Fraternity or Sorority. But, according to Pastor G. Craige Lewis, this is unacceptable and unbelievable:

First off, there is no such thing as a born again believer that is in a Greek Fraternity or Sorority. It is not possible to serve 2 masters therefore, it is not possible to worship God and pledge to demons. Greek mythological gods are demons, the offspring of fallen angels from Genesis 6 in the bible. These spirits are worshiped through pledges in these Greek organizations.


Baptism or Child Abuse?

Reader, I'm horrified! Why is it necessary to dunk infants into water like this and how can anyone smile while shocking the child? This is child abuse, in the name of "God. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that babies are sinners...If this was the case, then babies will go to hell. This false doctrine of "baptismal regeneration" was perpetuated by Augustine and the Catholic church.

On last Tuesday 600 infants were baptized inside Tbilisi Trinity Cathedral with Patriarch Ilia II of Georgia becoming godfather to all of them. In an effort to help increase the birth rate in the small Caucasus nation, the patriarch came up with an initiative to baptize every third child born to an Orthodox Christian family, as well as every subsequent child thereafter.

Word On The Street Pope Francis Has Extended Power of Priests to Forgive Abortions.

Reader, I've debated with myself on whether I should post this. I've had many (respectful) debates over the years about this subject. Contrary to popular belief, pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. Most common sense thinking people already know this. It simply means giving a woman the right to make health decisions that is best for her and her family. I am pro-choice but I do not believe in abortions just for the mere sake of having them; like it is some form of birth control. That is foolishness.

Any how,  Pope Francis released a letter on Monday, November 21, 2016, that extends the powers of Catholic priests to forgive abortions. Pope Francis has declared that all priests would have the right to forgive abortion, making permanent a temporary measure put in place for the Vatican’s jubilee year. Starting December 8, 2015, the Catholic Church practiced the Year of Mercy, the hallmark of which was the forgiveness of abortions. The Year of Mercy, described as “a widening of t…

Pastor Shirley Caesar #UNameItChallenge!

Reader today's entrepreneur lesson is brought to you by none other than Pastor Shirley Caesar. Pastor Shirley Caesar is taking the internet by storm with the original version of "Hold My Mule" that inspired the #UNameItChallenge. Pastor Shirley is taking it to the bank.

Lord Have Mercy Friendship-West Baptist Church Have Been Accused Of Broadcasting The Cowboy's Game During Service!

Reader social media is in an uproar this morning with the news that Dr. Freddy Haynes church in Dallas TX,  was literally showing the Cowboys game during services yesterday.  The Cowboys entered Week 11 with the best record in the NFL, and understandably, football fans in Dallas are excited. Football is practically a religion to some in Texas,  according to someone's tweet, (and an "FW" logo on the wall), Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, had what they considered a fantastic idea to keep the football-loving churchgoers happy, by showing the Cowboys game during services. Anyhow the church has now issued a good reason for the game to on during service:

"Good morning world. It has been brought to our attention that we have received a bunch of negative publicity due to us trying out of the box ministry and meeting people where they are. Yes we showed the Dallas-Cowboys game as a part of our West Wall Street Day where AFTER worship we empowered approximately 40 s…

Pastor Dress Code: Is This Appropriate Dress For The Pulpit??

Reader, what is the appropriate attire that a pastor should wear on Sunday mornings? And, is it really that important? Is the sanctuary a holy place and that everyone who comes to worship on Sundays - Pastor & church members (including children) & guests - should wear appropriate attire?

 Here's something that's been making the rounds on Facebook.  The author is unknown. Take a look, someone posted that they were lead to drop by and got to see anorexia false teacher Paula White in a shameful outfit and uploaded the picture, to social media.

What Would You Do??

Reader, this woman walks into your church dressed this way and sits close to the front. When approached by an elder she says that she desires prayer. Should her attire be addressed or should she be left alone?

Turn Up Today At The House Of Hope Atlanta As They Celebrate Their 140th Church Anniversary.

Reader, the Greater Travelers Rest Baptist ChurchHouse of Hope Atlanta,  celebrated its 140th year church anniversary today, during the 7:30 and 10:15 A.M. services. The House of Hope Atlanta is located at 4650 Flat Shoals Parkway in Decatur, Ga. It is  ministering to five generations under the leadership of Senior Pastor and Teacher Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.

The five generations of the church will be recognized by various colors worn on this special day. listed below is the generations colors:
Builders: 1945 and earlier wear Black
Boomers 1946-1965 wear Brown
Busters: 1966-1983 wear Gray
Bridgers: 1984-2003 wear Red
Blossoms: 2004-present wear Blue Congratulation House Of Hope!

The Breakthrough Deception!

Reader, according to social media, just in case you hadn't noticed, the latest money making scheme among "word-faith-prosperity-gospel" con artists is the "Breakthrough" deception. Basically, it's a claim, in one form or another, that God will provide some kind of "just around the corner breakthrough" for you (usually money or healing) if you send in a donation (your "faith seed"), or tithe, and/or buy their books, CDs and DVD's, "Breakthrough Bibles," etc. This latest con game has been going on for a while, but in the last year or so it has picked up steam and moving strongly into 2017.

 Some of the more outlandish claims are by Kenneth Copeland who's CD series called "Complete Financial Breakthrough - Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan" can, as the title suggests, put you on the road to your "breakthrough" in only 10 days. Some other con artists using the "Breakthrough" deception include R…

Sad One Of Trump’s Religious Mentor Was Once Mentored By Bishop T.D. Jakes!

Reader,this is a very interesting read......less than a day after the man she spiritually mentored won the presidential election, the pastor who has been called “Donald Trump’s God whisperer” preached at a black church revival in North Carolina most pro-Hillary Clinton county. The anorexia pastor in a pair of stiletto  boots did not come to Durham to talk about politics....matter of fact, she did not even mention Trump at all. And many among her listeners seemed unaware of her now famous connection. Instead, the preacher in the stiletto boots and a black dress gave her personal testimony Nov. 9, as her husband, former Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, played music softly in the background.

“You are in a year of greatness. You are in a year of restoration,” Paula White preached to a group of some 100 worshippers, almost all of them African-American. They had gathered in a large, windowless room at Faith Assembly Christian Center, a simple building in a predominantly black neighborhood…

Should Churches Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status For Not Helping The Needy?

Reader, is it the church job to help all homeless people? Is it the church job to help the fatherless and the widow? And should more churches be joining with local agencies to attack homelessness and the poverty stricken in the community?

Pope Francis have taken the lead in calling for ending tax-exempt status of churches that don’t help the needy. Pope Francis says churches that don't help the needy and make a profit should lose their tax-exempt status.

I agree, a lot of the church dollars are currently in the dark, and churches should not be afforded the benefits of nonprofit status while being exempt from the responsibilities. Most of all this exemption harms the church's congregation, who have a right to know how their donations are being spent.

Unlike all other nonprofits, churches are not required to reveal how they spend their money.

Christian Men Reveal Their 12 Reasons Why They Don’t Date or Marry Christian Women!

Reader, I am tired of the media & other outlets trying to make women feel like we are the reason why a man chooses what he chooses. This mentality is wrong & not of God. This article is kind of dishearteningbecause some women truly are a godly helpmeet with outstanding qualities. Unfortunately, according to this article, a godly sister may never be chosen because of her godly standard the church has instilled in her. She is trained to NOT pursue but be someone worth pursuing. She is told that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. She is told to wait in faith but apparently that works against her in the world of men in which she circulates (the church).

The Impact Networks Is Now Gospel's Fastest Growing Black Christian TV Network!!

Reader, it is beginning to look like that interview Apostle Wayne T Jackson did back in September with Donald Trump is paying off in a big way.

"The Impact Network applauds Comcast Xfinity for launching the only African American Christian Television Network in the nation, nationwide. We applaud Comcast for their commitment to diversity in our community."

Comcast Is Shutting Down "The Word Network" In Jan 2017 Without explanation.

Reader rumour has it that Comcast is removing The Word Network from 24 regions across the United States. This move  will impact a large population of minorities who enjoy watching black ministries. We all know there are limited showings of minority churches on prime television channels. This cancellation will also impact people who use The Word Network as a tool to enrich and empower their spiritual growth.
 Next Tuesday The President of Comcast has agreed to speak with Kevin Adele and Pastor Jamal Bryant @1pm EST in Philadelphia, regarding the overwhelming response about removing the WORD NETWORK.

Alright Now: Pregnant and Unwed NYC Pastor Says She Refuses to Be Shamed Out of the Pulpit!

Reader, Pastor Desiree Allen says she won't stop preaching despite her pregnancy. I don't know why people are still shocked that saved singles have sex. Yell it's forcation but, most the kids in children's church come from single parent homes. Should this woman sit down? I don't think so.  Heck, she already had sex. Maybe it was a "slip up" who knows. We don't know the story. Let God be her judge.

A Harlem, New York pastor Desiree Allen went public with her pregnancy and refused to stop preaching as a result of it, many commended her. Allen points out that male pastors often get women pregnant, but can continue to preach because their indiscretion can be hidden.

Do you agree?

I Cannot Carry Your Judgment’: Pregnant and Unwed NYC Pastor Says She Refuses to Be Shamed Out of the Pulpit  

Is It Fair of God to Send People to Hell?

Reader, this is one of those questions that bother many people who have an incomplete understanding of three things: the nature of God, the nature of man, and the nature of sin. GOD is NOT SENDING anyone to hell....we are CHOOSING HELL over HEAVEN by not following Christ!! Remember God gave us ALL FREE WILL...we can choose HIM or we can choose the WORLD (ie SATAN)...if you don't choose GOD then you CHOOSE HELL. GOD isn't CHOOSING FOR US...WE make the choice.

As fallen, sinful human beings, the nature of God is a difficult concept for us to grasp. We tend to see God as a kind, merciful Being whose love for us overrides and overshadows all His other attributes. Of course, God is loving, kind, and merciful, but He is first and foremost a holy and righteous God. So holy is He that He cannot tolerate sin. He is a God whose anger burns against the wicked and disobedient (Isaiah 5:25; Hosea 8:5; Zechariah 10:3).

He is not only a loving God He is love itself! But the Bible also tells …

It's Going To Be Hard For Baptists To Get Aboard New Age Teaching?!?!?!?

Reader the name “Baptist” has come to mean many things to many people, and so it can sometimes cause confusion. Just the notion that Bishop Carlton Pearson is preaching at any church with the name Baptist in the title is confusing, and line blurring. As with any other church, the name above the door is not as important as what is taught inside.

 In the past twenty so years,  New Age influence has been steadily creeping into many of our churches.  New Agers do not believe in evil. Therefore, they do not accept man's problem as separation by sin from God. Instead, they believe that each of us has forgotten his or her own divinity. Therefore, the New Age solution is to seek "higher consciousness" through meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, diet, crystals, channeling. spirit guides, and more. Each of these diverse practices has the same purpose: to awaken the god in man.


Healthy Churches 2020 National Conference,Black Men, Depression and The Black Church, With Gospel Legend Richard Smallwood.

Reader, the first of it kind a national conference that's in it third year of bringing the church & public health community together for real talk & resolution on mental and physical health. Gospel Legend Richard Smallwood will be tackling the subject: Black Men, Depression and The Black Church.

 Young Black males, as suicide victims, were unheard of growing up in 1970’s. However, presently, according to the American Association of Suicidology, suicide rates for African-American males ages (15-24) increased 83% in the early 80’s and 90’s. More importantly, most suicide victims suffered from depression at their end. Suicide has become a statistical reality for many young brothers. The sad fact that young males are killing themselves is startling, but the communities’ silence is worse, even tragic. As a result, Black communities face stinging charges of being callous, insensitive, and more importantly, mis-educated. It is my belief; the silent epidemic on Black men and …