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The Gospel According To Kirk Franklin!!

Reader Kirk Franklin is featured in a new MTV documentary and he doesn't hold back! Absolutely phenomenal!! Eyes watered watching this.

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  1. All you need here, is a name (Kirk Franklin), a title (THE GOSPEL according to KIRK FRANKLIN) a media outlet (MTV), a theme ("Called to make God famous" AND "50 Bodies on the FLOOR - the ORLANDO gay club shooting HOAX), some music (HIP HOP Gospel) and you already know it's going to spell BLASPHEMY!!!

  2. The Gospel isn't according to anyone but JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

  3. MTV enough said. What true Christian artist would even be near yet alone on MTV. Its not about JESUS. It's about the money for Kirk. He sold his soul out to Satan a long time ago. He is just acting I am not impressed. The Gospel is according to JESUS CHRIST To HIM only. Get real.He better stop playing and get Saved before it's to late. We are living in the last days.

    1. Oh..wee...ANONYMOUS..

      You hit the nail right on the head. SORRY Ms. Ann. It's no accident MTV and KIRK collaborated,their ploy to entitle this piece "The Gospel according to Kirk Franklin". MTV is owned by those fake Jews, who hates Jesus. Kirk is no dummy to all of this no matter the tears he shed, and the sincerity he tend to portray, some of us are not fooled. And his plea to make God famous (as if God needs him for that), and him being a victim of hurt via being judged. Imaging the conflict and frustration others who are reaching out to this lost world, leaving the porch of the church, sacrificing the comfort of this life to live in squalors among the poor and destitute worldwide, to instill in them the greatest truth the would will ever know, THE TRUE GOSPEL, JESUS DIED for their sins, they though they suffer here on earth, will never have to suffer again. KIRK dancing with Kanye and Chance and Salt and RKELLY, among the rich, doesn't EVEN compare. These real missionaries are laying their lives on the line. Yet Kirk cries because he's judged for his silly antics. When KIRK can get off his "PORCH OF COMFORT, FAME, and ENTERTAINMENT FOR $$$, and have the testimonies of some of those who have really sacrificed to do Christ's Work for REAL and have poured the Gospel int lost people for REAL, then and only then I WILL TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY. This guy is a joke. He is double minded. His ways are FOOLISH. How DARE KIRK frustrate the Gospel of the ONE AND ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD and TAINT to say, "he's trying as hard as he could to change the image of what people perceive of Christians". KANYE or any one he meet will NEVER BE SAVED by "THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO KIRK FRANKLIN". GET OUTTA HERE!!!

    2. Are we having the same attitudes as the Pharisees?

    3. And what attitude was that? Just don't do a drive-by...Talk to me...

    4. Crickets...

  4. I'm so glad to see that Kirk's ministry isn't contained within the 4 walls of the church. Only God can tell with 100% certainty who's heart is real and who's isn't. In the meantime, I applaud Kirk!

  5. To the person who said the Orlando tragedy was a hoax, Are you saying it never happened, or are you saying it was a false flag (a real event that was used by the government to create sympathy for gay people)?

    Real people died in Orlando and most likely went to Hell. Every tragedy that makes national news is not a hoax. The 49 people who died (50 if you include the gunman) are not a hoax.

    1. Hoax...never happened...actors...done so to create sympathy for gays...DON'T DEBATE...I GET YOUR POINT...

  6. Miss Ann,

    I will start by reiterating that the WORD of God is for life, preservation, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

    Having watched the video, a few things I noticed:
    - the number of times he says, "I", "my", "mine" is high.

    - he says, "I'm doing me", "when I was young no one noticed me until I touched a piano".

    - he is humbled by a crowd of ~20,000 young people and in the background you can hear that crowd roar, "Go Kirk!, go Kirk".

    Kirk should read Isaiah 14 sometime.

    - he is name dropping: naming all the famous people he has been "led" to work with, but the name (Jesus Christ) that is above all names by which all men can be saved is missing.

    I am not hating on Kirk, but I do feel sorry for him. He has truly gone the way of Balaam (Jude). He is asking the crowd to pray for him and not judge him. He knows he is too far gone that I think his soul is so sold, there is no hope for him.

    Maybe we should pray but we will continue judging him according to the WORD of God.

    Remember the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandments (Ecclesiastes 12).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall bot want...

    1. The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    2. Are you male or female, how old are you, and what race are you?

      Im guessing your a blk female in her 30-40s?

      Pls verify.


    3. Her replies are always biblically on point aren't they?

    4. Hi Anonymous at Demographic Questions,

      I am Female, Black, 40s.

      And you?

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want...

    5. Nice...this is going to get interesting...

    6. @the THIRSTY users above...This is is NOT a dating forum. Try Blackpeoplemeet if you are so inclined! Thirsty negroes!

    7. Don't hate.

  7. You people are NUTS!!!


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