Say What, Donald Trump Caught Saying Vulgar Things About Women?

Reader you can't make this stuff up even if you tried.  When the Republican presidential nominee boasts about grabbing women "by the****" and thrusting himself upon them without invitation, what do you do when you're a conservative Christian who has a lot riding on his victory? Simple. Rationalize it by saying he's now "saved."

Some Donald Trump Supporters Are Defending His Lewd Comments Because He’s a Sinner Who’s Now Saved


  1. I am not surprised. I am associates with a Trump supporter and no amount of Biblical discussion or presentations of logic can sway his desire to vote for the GOP candidate.

    I've said from the outset that neither candidate is representative of a Biblical standard or standard bearer but some choose to believe otherwise.

    At some point you just have to allow people to believe what they believe and refuse argument.

    Only God can change hearts and minds anyway.

  2. Anonymous, YOU SAID IT!! Cause ol' Hillary isn't any better. As I've said before...... CORRUPT & UNGODLY along with her husband Bill Clinton. So I know with a surety....ONLY JESUS IS THE ANSWER. It would be a great blessing for us to put our TRUST in God and not in MAN. He will abundantly BLESS those who follow HIS WORD. In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. Stop with the ignorance, this does not have anything to do with Hillary Clinton. Trump is a pig!

    2. And you stop being silly. THIS IA A PRESIDENTIAL RACE THAT INVOLVES BOTH Trump and Hillary. GET OUTTA HERE!!

    3. Let me clarify, as much as I stand by my opinion that neither candidate is a Biblical standard bearer I must also be clear that that opinion was shared only to refute the notion that Trump is somehow more Christian. This notion has been put forth by some and I disagree with it.

      My trust is absolutely in God and not in man.

      I will, however, be casting a vote, and that vote will not be for Trump. Because I choose to participate in the voting process in no way diminishes my trust in God.

      If anyone disagrees, I accept your right to disagree and I will not argue the rightness or wrongness in my opinion about choosing to vote. Neither will I argue with anyone about their unwillingness to vote.

    4. He's a nasty PIG, just proof that just 8 months after their marriage he was at the very least trying to cheat.Don't think any of us are stupid enough to believe that this was an isolated incident. IJS!

  3. Heh, I was gonna call "Orangeman" a PIG !!!! Oh well, a low life dog not fit to even live in a dog house.

    If Orangeman is saved... well i'm a millionaire.

  4. If Trump is a PIG.....then what do you CALL Hillary....since you brought it up??? REALLY.... SO, YEAH, stop the ignorance!!!


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