Praise Report: Bishop Eddie Long Is Now Healed!

Reader, Jesus, the Son of God, healed and still heals all manner of sickness and disease. His Word is made health to all flesh. Because we who believe stood in FAITH with Bishop Eddie Long, family, and New Birth Church for healing. God is FOREVER faithful. Bishop Eddie Long is now healed. Let's give God a hand clap of praise.


  1. I am glad for his healing and hope it was just a temporary thing, but healing from what?

    Food poisoning
    Or the Flu

    Just like his accusations of sleeping with young men.
    He was just as vague on what he was healed from, how he got it, or even if it was untreatable or not.

    Just ANOTHER GIMMICK to market his CONNECTION to Gawd.

  2. I'm not sure about this healing, or miracle as some call it. You have this man who was supposed, as fit as a bull. All of a sudden, he began to lose weight looking really bad. He said he was living a now healthy lifestyle. This amidst all the rumors and allegations he could possibly have Aids or cancer. He's been away from his congregation because of his sickness. Now he's in the pulpit looking all dapper, silly noticeable his weight loss, proclaiming his healing and a miracle. He never once said what his illness was, and as some would say he shouldn't have to reveal such private matter. But I note in scriptures, the illness were stated the miracles Jesus performed with power. The woman had an "Issue of Blood" for 12 years in Matt 9. Also the leper in Matt 8, Jesus said "I will, be thou clean. And the centurion servant who was sick with palsy, Jesus said "I will come and heal him". And Peter's mother in law, "And Jesus touched her hand and the fever left her." These are just a few examples of miraculous healing done but the LORD.

    YOU get the sense wother the Lord's healing, the miracle were pure. No drama, no ambiguity, no privacy, no sensation to hype folks to come in the middle of the aisle, no sabbatical, no drama, no mess or OMMISSION.

    NOT here though with Eddie Long. Always a cloud, or some dark mist, that fogs the faith so to make some even walk blindly. Sorry I just can't seem to muster up any praise for this one. I don't see this as the way the Lord did, and I know He still does today.

  3. Joe from Atlanta I removed your comment because its not allowed here.

  4. I am glad for him and his family and pray that he sees the error of his ways as we all should see in ourselves. Repent and move on. HOWEVER, (Pause, throat clear).... Stop cussin' in the pulpit and thinking it's cute and funny. Stop this foolishness of playing the tantalizing games of adding stupid junk and adding your own spin on the Word of God.. for example you said, God made man from a uterus and saying crazy mess like, Oh, I was wondering what I was gonna do with that and start laughing.. STOP IT!!!!!!! Foolishness. And other crazy talk like, "The word of God is potent. The word of God is His sperm," Long thunders. "The job of the preacher is to bring fresh sperm and when he speaks it, the womb -- the church -- is to take it in and say, 'Sho' you're right.' Okay.. enough of the past. Keep it straight and on the Word man. Keep it straight from the Word, if not, I'll pray for you all, but I'll be quite nervous as to what could happen next.

    1. @Timezone: Amen brother! Yeah I pray he has repented and turned over a new leaf..


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