Pastor Married His Side Chick,Then Begged For Honeymoon Funds, But His Children Ain't Having It.

Reader, I know this man is trifling without a doubt...but really a go fund me page for your honeymoon? I don't care who you are why in the Sam hill would you have the audacity to ask anyone to fund your honeymoon? People done lost their minds.  Here I am begging for help because I am in a dire need of help and support, then you got an adulterer like this begging for help for pleasure. Help Us Jesus!

Allegedly Pastor Elijah Jones III and Stephanie Malveaux met at church. They described their encounter on the wedding website called the “Knot”. Two years ago, at a church called Jubilee, they noticed each other briefly but didn’t start a conversation into they ran into each other at Starbucks. The rest is history. After sharing their love story, the couple asked for donations to fund their honeymoon for activities such as their airline tickets, beverages, and dining.

Well, instead of congratulating the couple, the internet went in with a slew of comments! Elijah’s daughter and son Elijah IV dragged their father revealing that he owes their mother, Wanda Jones, $450,000 in alimony.


  1. So he divorced his wife to marry the side chick,
    Owes 450 grand in alimony

    Churches have no standards for today's leaders.

    Better go to the motel 6 and call it a night.

    1. Pastors these days are more like business men. If you can move the flock to keep attending your church, well and good.

      It is a shame that the two can't see the sin they both are in. They are hoping people will love their life story and ignore their mess.



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