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A Shelter Require Homeless Women To Attend Megachurch And Tithe!!

Reader this is a doggone shame, a homeless woman says a shelter required her to attend Church of the Highlands, even though a church where she was a member was about a block away.
A women's shelter in Birmingham requires all residents to board a
van and attended worship services at the Woodlawn branch of the Church of the Highlands each Sunday. They're not given the option to attend any other church. They're also required to tithe every week, despite being homeless.


Has The 50-year-old Janet Jackson Converted To Islam???

Reader rumor has it that Janet Jackson has become a Muslim after meeting her now billionaire husband.   Janet Jackson, who embraced Islam in 2012 after marrying Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, has been spotted wearing a beautiful Islamic compliant attire whilst clearly showing her being heavily pregnant.

Would you switch religions for love and money?
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  1. There are no other religions that lead to the God of the Bible---The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    The Koran says that "Allah" has NO SON and anybody who says that "Allah" has a son is guilty of blasphemy. In other words, they don't believe that Jesus is the Son of God! The Koran admits that Jesus existed...but it says that he was just a prophet. You hear that folks, the Koran says that Jesus was a prophet just like Mohammed BUT Muslims says that Mohammed is above Jesus!

    I wrote all that in case anybody comes on here saying that Christians and Muslims serve the same God! WE DON'T. In fact, many historians believe that "Allah" was a moon god the Arabs worshipped. In ALMOST EVERY Islamic (Muslim) country, there is a picture of a crescent moon on the flag! "Allah" was the MOON god!

    On a side note: Janet became a Muslim JUST to keep her billionaire boyfriend from leaving her! Muslims strictly marry other Muslims, and if the woman they want to marry isn't a Muslim then they ask or force her to convert. Janet converted for the money, NOT love. No Western woman would WILLINGLY marry into a religion where women are second-class citizens...unless she was getting physical benefits!

    1. Well spoken. So many differences when comparing Christianity and Islam, that proves Islam to be false. Just with history alone, they have names of places that they can't prove ever existed. Islam is full of lies, BOTTOM LINE! ONLY one way to God, and that is through Jesus Christ ONLY. GET OUTTA HERE Anonymous...YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!!!

  2. Is this man's name Billionaire?

  3. If this guy has any ties to the Saudi's, he is a piece of crock. The Saudi king and princes has a "rich" history of abuse of their people, and has had strong ties with Israel. It's been reported they had something to do with 9-11. They hardly ever get any press, but it is known many women in their country suffer all type of abuse from disrespect, physical abuse and rape by those in power. THIS CONTURY literally get away with MURDER, along with ISREAL whom America invest billions of dollars to each year. TIMEZONE, I encourage you to do some research on the history of the SAUDI kings and princes. It's by no accident this guy is a billionaire, and being such, he has his hands in Satan's palms Only the elite is a part of the "billionaire" club. For Janet to have any ties to this guy, spells trouble.

    1. Oh yes Anonymous. The Saudis, Bush and 911. Sounds like a rock group doesn't it? lol. They're all connected. Jesus was so on point when he said, they'll be wars and rumors of wars. He also knew that all wars are bankers' wars. Here some fun facts for ya. One of Hillary's leaked emails they tried to keep quiet revealed that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were financial supporters of ISIS. Such a lovely lady. haha.. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-11/hillary-confirms-saudi-arabia-qatar-are-funding-isis-leaked-email Again, wars make money for off-shore foreign banks. And I'll say it, the 8yrs Obama... wait! I'll save that info until the posting of Obama's last days of his presidency. They're all joined together, it's so ridiculous.

    2. Timezone, the Saudi kings and princes are some of the most ruseless people. All this never gets mentioned in our Jewish owned media. It is said about Israel, they are the largest gay population in the world, and their gay pride puts San Francisco and Atlanta to shame. Yes. The Holy Land, where we send billions of dollars to because they are our allies. Many reports reveal that the true culprit behind 911 is the Mossad, Israel Intelligence. You are on que about Hilary. It's been reported she said there are matters of politics that goes on in public that are different from those political decisions that are made in private. So much about transparency and being honest with the American people.

    3. This is just a spec of how lost people are when it comes to not knowing what's going on behind the iron curtain of the presidency and this U.S. gov't military industrial complex as stated by former Pres. Dwight Eisenhower. And to answer your question Ann, I'll never leave Jesus for no amount of money. But we have to first ask, did Janet even have Jesus to begin with? Just saying.

    4. Miss Ann,

      You can't carry fire in your bosom and not be burned.

      Janet had to convert. Her marriage was done according to the Islamic laws. Every non-Muslim woman who gets married to a Muslim man is converted whether knowingly or unknowingly.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want...

    5. @Anonymous who listens to rumors...A country that has 8 million people does NOT have the biggest gay population in the world. Redo math class. Israel has 8 million people and they have the largest gay population? GET REAL. The U.S. has over 300 MILLION people! Guess where most of the gays are? The U.S.! Some of you Christians are so quick to demonize anything about Israel...which is the apple of God's eye. Nobody said Israel was perfect.

      BUT guess who the Mystery Babylon of Revelation is?? The good ol' U.S.A.!

    6. Wow, Anonymous I didn't know that Janet had to covert.

    7. Anonymous, you on point about can't carry fire in your bosom...This girl is in trouble. You're correct. There's no way you gone be hand in hand with a straight up muslim and you not believe! Noway. Especially one on his level. smh. How this girl got tricked like this?! So sad. The muslims are the ultimate in not be unequally yoke, you believe their way, or else! Lord help this woman.

    8. you are right Timezone, "God help this woman", but I would like to add, "God help this child", Islam is known for abducting their American children back to their country and many are never seen again...so much dysfunction in the Jackson's family that have spilled over into their adult lives. My heart goes out to Janet, I think she's clueless in what she's gotten herself into, prayers going up for she and that baby.

  4. IF you really want to see what its really like in Saudi Arabia I suggest watching Frontline documentary on PBS its free online with Ads. Its called Saudi Arabia Uncovered. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/saudi-arabia-uncovered/

  5. She was raised in a false religion Jehovah Witness. As an adult she followed it. So it shouldn't be no surprise to anyone that she converted to Islam. It is what it is. She didn't go into this marriage bind sided. She was knew what the deal would be.


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