Halloween, Hallelujah, or Nothing at All? Should Christians Celebrate Halloween??

Reader, since October has arrived there will be two events that will be fighting for the October spotlight. One is Halloween and the other is the Reformation. Before, I used to think it was okay for Christians to celebrate Halloween until I found out that it was all focused on the celebration of occultism. Why should Christians allow their children to dress up as demons, ghosts and witches for fun? Halloween is celebrating the occult. While Christmas might be compromised by removing all the pagan aspects but not Halloween. Halloween is the time of the year when witches and Satanists consider it their most precious day. Whether it’s a harvest festival, fall carnival, haunted house, judgement house, are something else entirely.....Many mega churches are making it easy for alternative Halloween activities to be available to and for their communities.


  1. How about Reformation Day instead.

  2. I read that the Catholic Church supports Halloween. Here is a link.


  3. As Christians, we are expected to bring a Christian aspect to pagan celebrations. As if that will take away the occultic symbolism embedded therein.

    We should instead prepare for that great and terrible day that Jesus talked about. For we know not when this will be. Watch and pray is all he said.

  4. No No No. Salvation. Christians shouldn't celebrate pagans holidays never ever. We needs to be telling folks that . Jesus Is The Way. The Truth And Light. Christians should stop trying substitute Dark for Light. God is Light. Teach your children the truth about pagan holidays and the true reasons why real SAINTS don't celebrate pagan holidays.

  5. So are you all really ready? Yall plan to stop celebrating Christmas, and Easter? Come on now, if you're gonna do it, do it right, we can't pick and choose! Throw away that tree, stop sending those little kids on Easter Egg Hunts. Are you all really ready? I mean, it's easy to not celebrate Halloween. Let's do this, keep your money in your pockets. I have three teenage girls, they don't do Christmas, not enforced by me at all, they just get the hype, their vail has been lifted for the past 3 yrs. God is good.


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