Dr. Earl Carter And Pastor Milton Joyner!!

Lord have mercy reader, Dr Earl Cater has uploaded his latest video which is causing somewhat of a stir among COGIC members on social media. In the latest Youtube upload is an interview with Pastor Milton Joyner of Pacific Mt.Olive COGIC, LA, California.....in which he tells of how Bishop Charles Blake lied on the COGIC General Board in Court. Also, Dr. Earl Carter tells how Bishop Blake has ignored the rotten SINS of Bishop Jones, Sheard, Swan, and Hutchins.


  1. GO get 'em...Earl Carter. Now this man has the gift of prophesy...

  2. I listened to a previous video of EC and I have to say he was on point about the mention of particular pastor. He was speaking truth.

    With all these men passing themselves off as preachers (aka) whoremongers and thieves maybe, just maybe EC is a breath of fresh air. He's relentless in his quest to front these "preachers"

    EC, expose them all.

  3. Carter sounds like a woman who gave it up on the first date and is upset that the dude did not call her back and told all of his boys how he hit it and quit it. Now he is scorned and trying to get revenge. Bruh its been two years, he (Blake) ain't gonna call you back, get over it already. All of this ish you are "exposing" was going on when you were cashing those "love offering" checks, getting set up in he churches you pastored and preaching at convocations, USAC, revivals, etc and you never said a word. Now that your engagements have dried up you are on a mission to "expose" everybody. This stuff aint new from J.D."Every church needs a" Husband, German Ross, James Cleveland etc to J.O. Patterson and everyone since there have been indiscretions and the "saints" know about them but keep supporting these folks with their reports, tithes, and offerings. Carter, if they want to continue to be that ignorant and 60000 of them go to Memphis/ St Louis every year let em do it. This two year crusade has not hampered attendance, or the number of people trying to get COGIC credentials. Bruh,put down your smokes,and ask the Lord to fix you so that you can help someone else get fixed.

    1. Your points are noted. The one thing I'm in disagreement with and disappointed in with Carter is his alliance with the Muslim, calling them "brothers". Elder Carter is exposing sin at the top, and I have to takeep his word that he was lenient in his thinking about Blake although many mentioned Blake was a sissy. However I sorta understand him developing his platform because of his personal experience with Blake throwing him under the bus because of Carters mestage that went viral. This incident followed by many who contacted him about the immoral conduct of of not just Blake, but many of the board leaders who are to lead this organization out of character and love for God's people. That's fine. But to align his teaching with lost people like the Irritated Genie who despises Christ and Christianity is completely wrong. Even though these folks hates homosexuality as theyou should, these are not brethren and should NEVER BE ADDRESSED AS SUCH. Dr. CARTER down not need to cower down in this manner just to get paid. These black nationalist and Muslims are sinners and need to have the gospel presented to them, not to be joined with just because they have a similar passion against a specific sin called an abomination in God's word.


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