Did Bishop Neil Ellis Tell New Birth Pew Sitters Bishop Eddie Long Was Sick Because Of Them??

Reader, according to one of Church Folk Revolution outstanding content provider Miz Justice. His Grace Bishop Neil Ellis has been caught rigging scriptures in a way to blame the pew sitters lack of faith for Bishop Eddie Long sickness and browbeating them for even questioning Bishop Eddie Long legitimacy of leadership in their lives. Mz. Justice goes on to warn saints to please stop believing everything a bishop, apostle or prophet tells you and weigh it carefully against the Word of God Himself.


  1. Justification of sin. I'm sorry. This man says what he is saying to try and excuse anything a minister does behind closed doors. I'm soooo tired of when it's so blatant when someone within the church does something so over the top, folks will say, "don't put your mouth on it." smh... There has to be a standard. So what do we do, let foolishness and sin abound. Yes, we must love and pray for the individual, but when there's corruption, someone must step up to the plate and call it for what it is. All this screaming and yawling in the mic and getting everyone emotional isn't gonna do it. The Catholic church does this exact same thing but so much less emotional, lol. Ya'll know what I'm talking about. The hush money exchanged is so much more at a higher level it's ridiculous. Again, there must be a standard.

  2. I gotta correct this guy on something to. At 8:08, he was saying for those who called Eddie "Father." I want to point this scripture out to him. Again, the catholic church has invaded all churches. Look: Matt 23:9 says, "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven."

    1. One more thing, lol. sorry. This guy's statements at 12:27 is absolute witchcraft. These methods I've seen used on congregations to terrify them and to keep them within the ministry. I promise ya'll.

  3. I must be honest. I did not listen to the video. Like I said before, all you need is a name, a face and a title, and you can pretty mush discern there will be some ungodliness going on. This dude is a master at PYSOPS. He came to Eddie's church with his "fake" prophecy to tells Eddie's followers of a forecoming scandal, and how they should stay in support of their leader. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could tell his antics were all staged. This before it became National News, Eddie molested those four young men. Now, according to the title here, this dufus is saying these folks is the cause of Eddie's sickness? If any in that congregation wants to carry on this guilt, they need to seek some personal psychological help. We have to note the PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION performed by these masters of the ENEMY. Many choose to be led by these snakes because they are lazy about true personal commitment to the LORD Himself. THIS IS UNREAL!!! I would say SHAME ON THIS GUY, but I know this guy has NO SHAME!!!

    1. I'm seriously considering asking this guy about Matt 23:9. Calling these preacher "Father" and "Daddy" and all this mess. I mean, I can understand if there's a brother in church that didn't have a father figure and looking up to a GOOD man of God, but this worship on the preacher mess is off the chain. Years ago, I had to go and talk to a particular preacher and I must add, I was a member there for over a decade. I had to stand outside his office and "wait." I'm looking at the body guard and I wanna say, bruh, you being know me for over 7 years, WHY YOU TRIPPIN?!!!???!!! LOL....They finally allowed me to walk into his office. Folks, you'd think I was going to see Jesus himself with the way these jokers were acting... It's totally out of hand. smh.....

    2. When i was a child, if u was in the bathroom and the preacher wanted to use it
      U must hurry up and conclude your bathroom business and vacate the bathroom IMMEDIATELY Real talk
      And 1 time i was at a differnt church service with a different church Apostle and I was crying as the Lord was purging me in the service

      I saw a box of tissues on a random chair and went to reach for 1 of the tissues
      A usher ran up to me and grabbed the box from my hand as i was pulling the tissue out and said "This is The 1st Lady's box of tissues and that i wasnt allowed to use 1 "

      Honest to God i had no ideal.It was a church service rented out from a hotel ballroom and it was only my 2nd time visiting there so i had no idea

      To say i was hurt and embarassed would be an understatement

      Also after visiting there a few more times, her husband the preacher/Apostle openly humiliated me and a few others for no real apparent reason
      Needless to say i stopped visiting

    3. Meant to say *u would have to vacate bathroom even if there was more then 3 or 4 stalls cus u wasnt allowed to stay in the bathroom if the pastor entered it* ^^^^^^^

  4. Miss Ann,

    "God forbid... let God be true, but every man a liar..." Romans 3:4

    The WORD of God is for life, preservation, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want...

    1. The image on the pulpit looks like the M on the energy drink, Monster aka the beast.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want...

  5. Forgive me for rambling.

    Kingdom agenda???
    Kingdom Process???
    It sounds important, but has absolutely no meaning.

    So it's THE MEMBERS FAULT Eddie became ill?
    Well, he (allegedly) did sleep with young men IN THE CHURCH.
    So if it winds up being a sexually transmitted disease that maybe true.
    although I'm sure that's not with this fool was alluding to.

    So according to him, you need to have a pastor ASSIGNED over you, in order to grow in faith.
    now I'm no biblical scholar
    (BUT NEITHER IS HE) but I am About 99.9% sure that you WONT find that in the Bible.

    This is why it's so hard to have sympathy for these crooked pastors.
    Because even when they have moments of weakness and are in true need of prayer, they CONTINUE TO fleece the flock and take no responsibility for their actions, blaming it on the congregation, peoples attitude our God is trying to test them.

    Anything except to admit any wrong doing on their part.

  6. OT: Please see this Ms Ann, smh
    I tried to find another way to show u this but was unsucessful :(


  7. Biblical illiteracy is a major issue in the body of Christ. If people read and studied the word for themselves, there would probably be a lot less foolishness.

    I recently heard a bishop say that you need a preacher to get into heaven. Pretty sure you need Jesus to onto heaven but what do I know. He's the one with the (honorary) doctorate, not me.

    1. well u do need a preacher but a preacher sent by the most high

    2. well u do need a preacher but a preacher sent by the most high

  8. Neil Ellis is as fake as they come!!


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