COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan Have A Strong Clap Back Game!

Reader I've mentioned in this space before Bishop Talbert Swan and the social media bullying and cyber attacks he's receiving for supporting and standing with Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake.  Some YouTubers are throwing shade at the bishop family. Bishop Swan got a strong clap back, check it out:

 "Beware of 'preachers' claiming to have Gospel gossip authority by misquoting 1 Corinthians 1:11 to justify slandering others. 1 Timothy 5:13 warns us of these idle busybodies who have too much time on their hands. There's nothing worse than a messy, lying 'preacher.'"  Proud to be in full support of our Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., a phenomenal leader, a man of wisdom and integrity, and a visionary on the cutting edge. Now that's how you clap back!


  1. I guess you can consider it a "clap back" if you may. Not in my book. I'm glad you posted these two, as this may lead imto some discussion Elder Carters latest claim - a sex tape with Blake and Keith Jones. I don't see how either of them can validate any reasoning through the little mentioning of Scriptures used here. These two who call themselves "bishops" apparently has a lot of skeleton in there closets, unbecoming to the pure and blameless characteristics as men of God holding this prestigious title. ELDER Earl Carter said in his last message, he has a sex tape with Blake having sex work Bishop Keith Jones. It's already been shown a sex tape of Keith Jones. And this has not been addressed by the church at all. To omitted the obvious Keith Jones is a disgrace, and to show somewhat of an end result of this Swan dude saluting Blake as some "last words", is like missing many pieces of a puzzle. I don't believe Elder Carter has no reason to lie about a video. The man has been strait forward in his presentations. BLAKE has been sitting back in the closet (pardon the pun) allowing his wife to fight for him. This antic os an utter shame. Some may say he is classy Adnan taking a saintly approach. I disagree wholeheartedly. He has a church that affirms the gay lifestyle. He invited Peter gnomes, a known sissy, and even Members of his very own congregation protested. These words uttered by Swan are rhetoric to me, void of any substance, and full of a hot air bologna. Elder Carters words on the other hand, seems more convincing. Even with the sexual tape, some fools will still not be convicted of true Holiness. Just look at how some respond to Eddie Long. UNREAL!

  2. That looks like a MASONIC handshake...

  3. Any holiness pastor, who would allow other bishops and laypersons to address himself as 'Your Grace', without correcting them, only further tells me that Earl Carter has not been lying about 'His Grace' Bishop Blake. It is really a disgrace and shame how low things have gone.

    1. Anonymous, I follow Bishop Swan periscope, I've never heard him address Bishop Blake "as your grace" but I have heard him say many times that he highly respect Bishop Blake as a leader.

  4. Lady Brock, Yes they do call Bishop Blake Your Grace. They say in COGIC that he is our Pope. How do I know ? I was in COGIC for 50 years before I got some common sense and left all that foolishness.

  5. It's on video. At a COGIC ceremony officiating newly appointed bishops, they started the meeting calling Blake "Your Grace". I didnt say that Swan called Blake that title. Isnt Swan, however, in question about other carnal things? It is coming to light.


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