Church Announcement: Where My Dawn Seekers At?

Reader if you're in the Metro-Detroit area, and you really want to be surrounded by women with the purpose of experiencing a move of God, come to Dawn Seekers this Saturday.

Triumph Church is proud to presents "DAWN SEEKERS" on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at COBO Center at 6AM with special guest Marvin Sapp and Tamela Mann.  Admission is Free. There are so many gifts held within women and God is releasing those gifts. Whether you are a young woman or a beautifully aged woman, its way past time for you to figure out who you are and what you're carrying to be released uniquely by you...DAWN SEEKERS!


  1. What exactly is a woman of purpose experiencing the move of God? I get somewhat from the Bible, the proverb 31 Woman, a virtuous woman, her character, her mission, her love for God, her husband, her family and others outside her family. But this w9nan of purpose? Who is she? What does she look like? What does she do? Why use the word "purpose"? It'seems kinda like some kind a piece of machinery, like a can opener or a toothbrush. Please someone explain all these meetings and conferences, and the settings to accomplish what?

    1. Good questions Anonymous.

      But the WORD of God has already declared our purpose (actually duty) in the book of Ecclesiastes. And that is to fear God and keep his commandments.

      So with Proverbs 31 including the entire WORD of God, any woman would be just fine. For the psalmist in 119 declared the law of the LORD as life.

    2. Let me see if I can help. Dawn Seekers is a worship service that was designed to encourage, uplift and strengthen women entitled.

      Dawn Seekers started with a few hundred women who were compelled to keep the bond between women and worship. Through this bond, Dawn Seekers has expanded into one of the largest women’s worship service in the city of Detroit. It started at the Cass Technical High School a couple of years ago with a couple of hundred women and has expanded to COBO Arena, downtown Detroit, drawing more than 5,000 participants. Dawn Seekers purpose is being fulfilled as souls are being saved, the bond of women are strengthened, and the Good news is being spread abroad.

    3. Miss Sapp,

      Man shall not live on bread alone but by every word the proceedeth out of the mouth of God. So like the Bereans, I have to go back to scripture and check to see if what you've stated does align with God.

      Unfortunately it doesn't. What does it mean to seek the dawn? That sounds occultic.

      What is the essence of the bond between women? Paul tells Timothy that the older women should teach the younger. Is there any teaching? That is according to the precepts of God?

      Or is it a time to make women feel special? Coz God is not about our being special. His word is for our preservation, life, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Psalm 119.

    4. Anonymous...I posed the question. Your answer is sooooo full of discernment. The one verse (older women teaching younger women) you used trumps all what they scheme to do.

    5. Anonymous how is it occultic? It's the largest worship service for women in Detroit. I don't understand why the label?

    6. It is occultic because most satanic rituals take place at dawn (before sunrise). You can search on sun worship and Stonehenge rituals.

      Biblically the term dawn seeker doesn't exist - at all. But in the pagan world, it does exist because it is part of their rituals (*remember October has Halloween). The world will use terms to draw you in. But as Christians, we need to align every doctrine and test the spirit to know if they are of God. If you don't test the spirit and follow the crowd because this or that gospel singer is featured or this or that pastor/bishop is giving a talk, you will get lost.

      The bible says, believe in the LORD Jesus and you and your household will be saved. That's all you need!

    7. Dude who are you? You are onot fire. No to be technical, but you said " that SOUNDS OCCULTIC", NOT THAT IT IS occultic. And I agree. I guarantee the leaders of this conference could not come up with a Biblical explanation why they would use such terms as "purpose" and " bond" and "dawn", in the sense they would use it. These folks are seduced and their motivation is of the flesh.

    8. Anisha...nice try, but you did not answer my questions. All you did was give me some history how the group began and told me how they have grown in numbers. Personally I am not impressed. Let's see if we can do this again. These women? What is a woman experiencing the move of God looks like? Is she an older woman teaching the younger women how to love their husband? Is she like the proverb 31 Woman who does has gain the trust of her husbands? Are these woman bonding to share these type of experiences? Or is this women about her self esteem and the self esteem of others? Sorry alisha, I know you had intentions to help, but you didn't. Maybe you can come up with some Bible. That may help a lot.

  2. This whole women liberation movement is unbiblical.

    1. How so Rev. Kareem A. Christian is it unbiblical? Is because you don't approve of it? Please tell!

    2. I will help Rev Kareem and I'm sure he may add to what I'm saying. And I say this with absolute love and not hatin' and all that dumb language that used today. Ok, now, Satan has ways of destroying God's original plan. And with this Beyonce, Kim K, I can do what I wanna do attitude has flourished for years and years. As upsetting as this statement is, going back to that Bible, the man was made first and then the woman. Yep, I said it. Today, that is the most outlandish statement ever because of what satan has done. Yes, it says in the Word(Acts) your son's and DAUGHTERS will prophesy. But it didn't say that the woman shall bulldozer over the man and not need him. No way. The woman was beautifully and emotionally made. That is what makes the woman wonderful and the man to PROTECT the woman. As you know, that's all been jacked up and satan along with the New World Order has done a sick job of twisting it. Now, the New World Order. A document written by demonic Frederick Jaffe was written in 1969 for the gov't on how to lower or keep at bay the population of the earth. Yea, these people are that arrogant. smh. Here's a sample: Restructure family:
      a) Postpone or avoid marriage
      b) Alter image of ideal family size
      Compulsory education of children
      Encourage increased homosexuality
      Educate for family limitation
      Fertility control agents in water supply
      Encourage women to work

      See that last one? Take the woman out the home, she won't be there to nurture the children, which is God's plan. For the man to work come home greet the children and wife. This now is soooo far fetched it's ridiculous in almost everyone's eyes. The women liberation movement has become so demonic to the point to where many women believe there's absolutely nothing wrong with getting rid of their child in the womb. Here's one last piece of the Jaffe Memo (THIS IS NOT SATIRE LIKE DOUBTERS WANT YOU TO BELIEVE WHICH IS ANOTHER TRICK BY SATAN).
      Payments to encourage
      Abortion and
      sterilization on demand
      Allow certain
      contraceptives to be
      distributed nonmedically
      Improve contraceptive
      technology. This is a spec of what Rev. Kareem is talking about. God Bless.

    3. Amen...I could add more but you hit on the highlights.

    4. I wish Ms. Ann would banned some of you who are to da*mn spiritual for your own good. We regular folks are getting tired of the Bible cliches.

    5. How else shall you live except by the WORD of God?

    6. Now we cussin'. What do you mean by regular folks? If this was a site based on solely fleshly worldly things, like a yahoo site or a tmz "talk-tank" celebrity gossip type stuff, I would definitely understand that comment. However, this site is entitled "The Old Black "CHURCH." And yo will have people chime in with the Word of God and things you may have never ever heard of. We're in some of the most evil and wicked days and just like Anonymous said,"How else shall you live except by the Word of God?" There are actual some folks in church that go just for the social aspects of it. Totally clueless about what is to come and go down in this world. No idea about what the Book of Revelation is about or they could careless. Amazing. There is a plan, God's plan and we that give these comments, that you may hate and can't stand, we believe in what we say and we will continue to give our beliefs based off the Bible. You say you wish that us folks who are to "blank" spiritual for our own good could be banned? That's up to Ms. Ann. By the way, believe in the Word of God because there's no such thing as Bible cliches.

    7. One more thing. For those of you who are in churches, whether it be Baptist, Methodist.. or even non-denominational and sin is accepted, sin is known and being practiced from the front of the church to the back, get out of that church now. If there are Freemasons in your church and the pastor has the guide-compass freemason ring on and ain't nobody saying nothing, get outta that church and seek the face of God for a true Word church. Again, play time is over and the count down to his return is near. The reason I'm saying all of this because it's truth and I just feel led to type this mainly because that comment stating "We regular folks." smh. I love you my brother/sister whoever you are. I promise. We have to know the time-frame of where we are within this earth. God bless you.

    8. quote..."But it didn't say that the woman shall bulldozer over the man and not need him. No way."

      AND it doesn't say that the MAN should BULL-DOZE over the woman it? Some of you men are so insecure that ANYTIME a woman has an independent thought or idea, you think it's the devil!

      People are having "bastard" babies left and right...and can barely take care of all those children! BUT men-folks get upTIGHT if a woman dares to mention contraception! I didn't say abortion, I said contraception. Ask the people in India who have 9 kids and are HUNGRY if contraception is a bad idea!

    9. I agree Anonymous. There are so low-down sorry good for nothing men out there. That's why it's important for honorable men to be an example in the church. Unfortunately the controlled media portrays otherwise. Men going from woman to woman. It's ridiculous, I understand. It's all a 2-way street. We must pray for good examples to shine through and our men to respect the women and protect them likewise the women. God bless.

  3. My advice to "ME"...IF YOU are getting tired of the Bible folks, don't come to this site. Maybe you should stary your own blog. You will probably heat black folks there quote the Bible but as blog owner you can DELETE.

  4. I noticed Tamela Mann pic is on the ad. She and Mr. Brown comes with a little strange fire at times. Christian comedy has always been suspect to me anyways, and the fact that they allowed cameras in ther home to do a tv show i
    Raised my eyebrows about them, their alliance with the world to get paid. Timezone, if you have any enlightening stories per your discernment on the comedy circuit, please share. I know the gospel music industry is a mess. I believe this to be the same about christian comedy as well.

    1. Everyone seems to want to get on Tyler Perry, but Tamela and Mr Brown seem to get a pass. Not with me though.

    2. Hi Anonymous. I just know someone will say, "these crazy Bible thumpin' nutcases have fell off their rocker, we can't even listen or like comedy?!" LOL.... It's like this. The Word says in Prov 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: BUT a broken spirit drieth the bones.. The thing is, this so-called Christian comedy can go off on the deep end. These sitcoms that do these take offs when they pray at the table, mocking God, thinking it's cute and funny. I'll say it, On 102.5 fm here in ATL they do this joke prayer... it sickens me. I sometimes turn to that station on occasion just to see if they do that mess in the mornings. Yep. Yes, ofcourse God wants us to laugh & have a good time, but when we as Christians touch the Hollywood world, trust me, there will be trouble to where you'll have to compromise. Every single time. God bless...


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