Why Are White Christians Upset With Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz For Supporting Black Lives Matter?

 Reader, we are waking up watching and taking notes. Why are white Christians so offended by The Black Lives Movement? Is it because they have never seen the mistreatment of a young black man a first hand?

Kudos and high five to Pastor Carl Lentz, love and respect what he had to say about Black Lives Matter.  In my opinion, if your church is in an urban community and you have anti-black  attitudes, then that attitude will be reflected in those people. I'm not anti-white and I love and respect all religions and ethnic backgrounds.

Right now we as a community of people are hurting and there are some very insensitive Christians who will never ever identify with that hurt because they have chosen not to.

 It is crazy people are upset with " black lives matter" it is not saying no other life matters.  I can never wrap my head around the so call Christian that can turn their noses up at those in poverty, in the ghetto, the Hood, in situations that seem hopeless.


  1. glad to see a pastor confronting this. Love his stance.

  2. I've only seen not one megachurch Christian pastor really dive into discussions of the issues the Black Community is trying to call our attention to, but Carl Lentz. Much respect to him for that.Sad he's the only one. I hope others follow his lead.

  3. That's because that's too much like getting their hands dirty. With nothing in it for them

  4. Uhh, excuse me! Lentz is not A man of God. He'll preach anything to get people coming through on Sunday morning.

    Yes, Black Lives Matter and so does every life.

    People should know when they are being sold "stuff" or taken to the cleaners.

    Any church, "Mega" or "Minor", should be preaching "Repent!!! For the kingdom of God is near". Working to get men saved from the fires of HELL and not working on which message will make headlines.

    I like the story of king David he surrounded himself with men who had an understanding of the times. It is important for us as believers to know that these are times not to jump on every movement but take a step back and look behind-the-scenes on who actually is running BLM.

    IJS and God bless!

  5. They're upset because, plain and simple .... there is still racism in their hearts.

    Kudos to this pastor, but I bet his membership is going to drop and he's going to get a lot of backlash especially if they are mostly white.

    1. I agree Anonymous,when society treats minorities as equals then we won't have any division. White silence equals continued violence.

    2. Carl Lentz is a joke and is a satanist and a false prophet. He is of his father the devil!

  6. Ms.Ann white Christians are something else. I won't be caught dead in one of their churches. They have NEVER spoken out against the injustices of blacks in the country and now that blacks are doing it for themselves in RETALIATION it is a problem. If you aren't subliminal with being racist then pray and move on. The fact that some of you comment like this shows you really don't know the root cause.... #FYI The messiah you serve IS BLACK and your bible tells you so. One day soon you will see the true Israel that he loves. Revelation 2:9.... The ONLY way this stops is for us as saints to not point fingers or pick sides because we are not wrestling with flesh and blood but principalities and wickedness in high places. Call it what it is. Make sure to pray against it, and show the love of YESHUA to ALL no matter race, gender, (or trans) financial status, etc. We can talk until we are blue in the face, but our hearts and intentions are being monitored by THE Judge and we will all answer.

    1. Hmmm...gender (or trans)...what the?


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