Should The Church Embrace James Fortune New Ministry With Open Arms?

Reader many churches have closed their doors to the award-winning gospel artist James Fortune who was arrested and charged with aggravated assault for abusing his wife. Now he says he's a changed man and is taking his transparent ministry on the road to any church or venue that will have him. I believe James has a powerful testimony that should be shared with others. What do you think?

Should the Church embrace his ministry with open arms?


  1. Sigh...I'm thinking..haha..Look. Thank God for Jesus and forgiveness on that cross. IF HE REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY means his repentance, he has to show more. Ya'll, I wouldn't mind seeing Ray Rice play football again. This dude was on video beating his lovely wife Janay down. Ray has really been remorseful and they show their love towards each other and they "say" they're still in counseling. I'm all for them two and I pray they're happy again and it looks so. I'm hoping the same for James. This is a loooooong process once you beat a woman down. A man beatin' up on a woman I must admit bothers me major. With loooong counseling and prayer, I say yes because that's what Christ is about. Interested to see what ya'll say. God bless ya'll.

  2. Look, I know ya'll a say he just trying to get paid, but hey, that's what most of them trying to do anyway. It's a sticky sticky situation man.....

  3. Yup, it sounds like somebody needs to get paid $$$.

  4. I think that there are many other ways for him to earn a living. If music and ministry are truly his passion, then he should be able to do both for free, show his sincerity and commitment to being better and see where it leads him.

  5. If he wants to start a support group for former domestic violence abusers, I am all for it.

    HEADING a ministry.

    He seems more vocal about taking advantage of his infamous behavior. Than actually repenting of his transgressions.

    I truly hope he is getting his life together.
    But I am not quite buying into "HIS MINISTRY"


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