National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Allows Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton to Address the Convention!

Reader The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. (NBC, USA, Inc.) announced today that on Thursday, September 8 at 5:00 p.m., democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, will be allowed to address the delegates in attendance for the 136th Annual Session being held in the Kansas City Convention Center (KCCC).…/hillary-clinton-to-address…


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    1. What's even worse Rev. Kareem, is when she starts that black dialect tone accent when she speaks trying to identify with us and make some kinda connection. This so sickens me.

  2. This lady has a dark past and many don't know that one of her mentor was Saul Alinsky. Ms Ann posed a question if this woman was a part of the illuminati. I wouldn't doubt it. Both she and Obama admired this guy. Alinsky published a book entitled "Rules for Radicals" which schools its agents how to subvert society where appearing to champion the poor. Alinsky dedicated this book to "Satan", and it is no coincidence at least in my mind the politcs of Obama (gay agenda president) and Hilary. And not to forget Whitewater and the Clintons as this entire murder cover up showsome just how ruthless Bill and Hilary are. They come across as champions of civil rights and the poor, but let's not forget the terrible things hilary said about Barak when she ran against him. And Her husband Bill saying in the 2008 electon about Obama "a few years ago, this guy would have been serving us coffee". HILARY if elected will do her part to make this society and thus world even more diabolical. She has a lot of black folks fooled.

  3. You are correct Anonymous. It's the same pomp & circumstance/dog & pony show, I'm talking WWE Wrestling on steroids show every 4 yrs. It's so stupid (especially Christians) look into the eyes of the satanists and believe in them and what they say. Every 4 yrs it's the ultimate choice between 2 evils. That's why we should only trust in the Lord and not pump these folks up. JFK was the last President that was truly for the people and not off-shore foreign banks to corrupt and bankrupt this nation to pull us further into a one-world mind set of thinking. Unfortunately after JFK's speech on secret societies, which is not a conspiracy theory, literally did JFK in. We saw it in broad daylight and to this day, the gov't plays dumb and want us to believe Lee Harvey Oswald was the LONE gunman... smh...


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