Megachurch Pastor Is Resigning: ‘I'm Not OK. I'm Tired. I'm Broken’!

Reader, this is sad, but what an amazing step to getting healthy. Pastors are getting tired of keeping up this Idea of "Church." Do you think its ok for this pastor to step aside? It takes a true leader to realize this and to take the step he just took.  He pastored Cross Point church for 14 years.

 Cross Point Church pastor Pete Wilson resigns after 14 years


  1. Generally speaking, I feel that a lot of pastors get into ministry for the wrong reasons. It's not as easy as it looks. The pressure is enormous and the responsibilities are even greater. It's not for the weak!! Then when you consider the younger ages of pastors these days and all of the many temptations that comes with that. Then yes, it's okay for a pastor to admit that they're in over their heads and shouldn't be trying to "lead" anyone because they're in desperate need of leadership themselves.

  2. I respect people so much for making difficult decisions like this and speaking up in honesty. It's ok to not be ok. This will be healthy for him and the church, and hopefully it will be received with nothing but love.

  3. I appreciate his openness and courage to step down.

    Because I am pretty sure very few MEGA CHURCH PASTORS would ever admit to feeling tired or broken. Their pride and ego are to inflated to show their weakness.

    The part that surprises me is that he is stepping down from a church that HE FOUNDED!!!

    Most mega church pastors treat the church like a privately owned business and hand it down to their son or daughter to keep it in the family, so that money don't stop flowing.

    I pray for his continued growth.

  4. Stop applauding him... He is gay and doesn't want to bring embarassment to the church. Yea, he did the right thing by resigning but he's not telling the whole story.

    1. Oh REALLY!!!

      Didn't know THAT BIT OF INFO.

    2. Thanks TheOGYP...I THOUGHT something wad omitted. I read the story and noted the main spokesman was a homosexual. He seemed to be concerned about the new leader coming in. It appeared to me, this was a gay friendly church. I noted this pastorr saying he wanted to make it comfortable for people attending. This explains the main reason for what he calls brokenness (same term used by TD Jakes), I call it sin.

      We are so quick to become sympathetic for those who "honestly" leave the ministry whether it be because of burnout or whatever.

      I know many scriptures that admonishes Christians to renew their strenght.

      Verses like Isaiah 40: 31 " but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall Mount up with wings as Eagles, they shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint".

      And just one of many more, many like to quote " I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me: Philippians 4:13...

      I can go on. We must seek God to strengthen our faith, everyday we should be bent on trusting Him. This should be the ultimate goal for every Christian.

  5. But at least he is stepping down knowing he is not in the position to lead the church. There are so many church leaders who are doing wrong behind the pulpit and have the audacity to name those who are brave enough to call them out as enemies.

    Wilson must have realized that his lifestyle doesn't match the WORD of God.

  6. But why should he be transparent with folks who are going to go in on him as if he isn't even human. I don't know him nor do I know the truth of his situation.

    I just get so sick of Christians or those who say they are Christian and yet refuse to offer any mercy to anyone.

    Oh, I guess I forgot Christians are not allowed to be merciful to some sinners. Why are some always so quick to throw stones?

    No matter what is done, some people are just never satisfied.

    Eddie Long stayed in ministry...criticism. This man stepped down...criticism.

    I say get the plank out of our own eyes before worrying over the speck in another persons eye.

    I wish I could encourage people toward mercy...but alas I cannot.

    1. Just by your tone to say "you get so sick of Christian or those who say they are Christians and yet refuse to show meecy" sounds like YOU NEED TO SHOW MERCY, even to these 'unmerciful l" Christians. if they not "showing mercy" is wrong, YOU SHOW MEECY. If you don't, you are no better than they.

      Just because these Christians give their opinions that may be different than yours doeso not make them unmerciful. Heed your own warning, take the plank out if your own eye before judging others as not being merciful.

    2. Thank you for proving my point.

    3. You point? What? That you are blinded by your own self-deceit, o most merciful one?


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