Leaked Script Shows What Advisers Want Donald Trump to Say at Black Church!

Reader why in the world would a pastor allow himself and his congregation to be used this way? It is clear that there will be no authenticity and this is nothing but a heavily scripted photo op. This article points out just how ridiculous Trump's "outreach" to the black community is. Sources quoted in this article said Trump was uncomfortable speaking before an actual black congregation. I guess that happens when one's whole campaign for president is based on racism and hate.


  1. Ms. Ann did you know that some Black Republicans are speaking out against this interview? The following comment is from Instagram:

    Blacks need to do a better job of paying attention to all aspects of Politics. Many Hispanics today renounced their support for Trump because of his speech last night. They thought when they met with Trump and he was taking notes he had their back. Well they found out they were being played so he could get votes. For those Black Republicans supporting Trump don't think he won't do the same to you. His only loyalty are to those White voters which is his base.That is why he gave one speech in Mexico and another speech in Denver last night.Second, and more important to those Blacks supporting Trump. When you talk about how voting Democrat has done nothing for us. Keep a few things in mind as you brag about Trump and the GOP. Look at how it has worked for poor Whites in the South who have always voted Republican. We know the poorest states are Republican states in the south. We also know they get more Government assistance than anyone else. Also, that 30 years you keep mentioning.We have had only 2 Democratic Presidents. In that time the economy has gotten better, The last time we had a Republican President we had the worst recession since the Depression. When people look at Obama keep in mind Republicans have had control of the House of Rep since 2010 and the Senate since 2014. Obama can not create laws by himself. so when you want to talk about the lack of jobs look at the GOP. Also keep in mind the GOP runs 31 Governor Houses in the US. Finally, when talk about uptick in gun violence in Baltimore and Chicago over the last few years. They don't tell you that both states have Republican Governors. Which means the people in charge is the party who wants every American to have a gun. They are bought and paid for by the NRA. So how is Trump going to stop the killings when he is in bed with the NRA. We will have more guns not less and they are against any form of gun control.I realize facts mean nothing to Republicans especially Black ones, but I just wanted to share a few.

  2. This man is as fake and manipulated as donald trump. He's in it for personal gain and more recognition. This so called pastor has no credence and doesn't represent the African communities view. He's no better than donald trump...a self serving ego maniac.

  3. I've come to the conclusion that any black pastor who supports Trump is probably just like him; selfish, egotistical, manipulative, void of truth, and bad for the public.

  4. That this Q&A is scripted confirms the lack of credibility of all involved parties.

    As a black woman, I manage to have a heart of compassion or mercy for others who don't fit my demographic all the time. A scriptnis never required.

    This man continues to show us what's in his heart by the vile unwise words he spills all over the place.

    He can speak on a footballer who won't stand for the anthem but not a word about the black teen killed with a pickup truck by white supremacists or the 53 year old black mother gunned down in the street by a white man.

    Plenty to say though on so many other things...nothing of the splc's hate map or that manybof his supporters are part of these groups.


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