Are American Christians Facing Persecution Or Is It Just A Myth?

Reader, you can't go onto any right-wing blogosphere, Facebook, You-Tube, etc., for this terror of "the persecuted Christian in America" myth. My question is just where are Christians being persecuted in America? It's accurate to say that some folks claim they are being persecuted, but this is a highly questionable claim. This claim almost always has to do with some school doing away with prayers at football games, or a kid told that she/he can't bring their Bible to school, or read it, or pray before meals, etc. I just don't see the "persecution"  they do and wonder if any Christians are being persecuted in the US?

 Sorry, there's zero evidence that they are. What you do have, however, is a small group of rightwing Christians who see any challenge to their way of life as "persecution," including being required to treat other people with the same respect they'd treat people inside their tight little group.

Is It Accurate to Say that American Christians are “Under Persecution”?


  1. I think the American Christian has been perceived as persecuting others. The religious right wing of this country can and will do a number on you if they feel you're not living the way that they believe that you should. A LOT of Christians want to remove people's God given free will. Deeply religious parents who mentally abuse their kids with their rhetoric, extreme church organizations who teach hate, and religion as an argument to people their civil civil rights are just a few examples. It can seem like a large number of Christians only want to impose their will and limitations onto everyone else. This is seen as an attack on non-Christians & less extreme Christians. So what we're witnessing today are more and more people who feel and have felt persecuted by Christians fighting back. Since Christians won't let the people be, the people are doing their best to discredit Christianity and it's working. Christians need to start practicing that unconditional love that Jesus was about. Until then, more people are going to rebuke Christiananity because it comes off as phony.

    1. Thank you. I left Christianity and so are many other young adults and teens. The church in America is doing all of the persecution in America, not non-christians.

    2. If you're a straight, white, Christian male in the US, you probably haven't been persecuted. You likely have merely been disagreed with.

  2. American persecution is a laughable myth.

    The Apostles would have LOVED to have had OUR persecutions.

    In other countries
    they have their houses torn down for having Bible study,

    people are thrown in prison &

    And executed because of their faith.

    In the good old USA:
    They FROWN on people saying Merry Christmas,
    Or praying in school because IT MIGHT OFFEND.

    The Apostle Paul who was beaten, jailed and ultimately killed, described his torment as "LIGHT AFFLICTIONS". Yet WE are persecuted. (Insert eye roll)

    Are there challenges to the faith definitely.
    But persecution?!?!
    I don't think America Christians even know what that word means.

    1. Weeelll...

      Preach on Cop!

    2. Forgot to cite my source
      2 Corinthians 4:17

  3. The level of "persecution" I must admit is nowhere near as to what it was in the days of Christ and to the disciples, but I believe it’s coming one day in America. Ok, as for the U.S. If you all call me a right-winger, I don't even care because I have to go by the Word and what is coming to a church near you because of the soft complacency by individuals who claim to be saved and the lax luster, “feel good”, “soft” preaching that’s going on behind the pulpits of today. If you all’s definition of persecution is based on being thrown in prison, tortured etc.. then your argument is valid, but if the word persecution is based on the hatred the unsaved have towards Christians and Jesus, persecution is alive & well in the U.S. 2 Tim 3:12 says, “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer PERSECUTION.” John 16:33 says, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have TRIBULATION: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” Did ya’ll read that? Now, Ms Ann you posted Russell Wilson being accused of brainwashing Ciara of becoming Christian. We have Tim Tebow who confessed Jesus when being interviewed with the media. In 2010 John Oliver who took over for the Jon Stewart Show temporarily said, “I hate Tim Tebow. If I was in a room with Tim Tebow and Bin Laden and I had a gun with one bullet in it, I’d shoot Bin Laden. I’m not a monster. But if I had two bullets – I’d shoot Tim Tebow first. And the people just fall out laughing. Yes, you read this right. In my own experience the very words of Thank you Jesus came out of my mouth when I worked in the IT dept at Marta in ATL. An atheist in which I didn’t know he was an atheist (A BLACK MAN) said out of his mouth, I don’t believe in that Jesus stuff. (I promise ya’ll he didn’t say stuff, he used the curse word that starts with S. Yep. I had to cool my jets cause my 225lb 6’4 benchpress 300lb self was going to take him down, lol. But I had to show the love of Jesus towards him. If you are involved in a Joel Osteen/TD Jakes type church, then the gov’t(NWO) adores you. They know you won’t challenge homosexuality, abortion, the coming of churches being forced to comply with every want LGBT desires, you won’t go against the (Queens James Bible: Try to understand where I’m coming from because the numbers are growing to dislike the very mention of Jesus except to mock his name is these demonic movies when they go on their cussin’ rant. Again, I know I know, persecution per se as to what ISIS is doing in the Middle East to Christians as I type this isn’t happening right now in the U.S. but I believe the potential is strong given the attitude towards the Bible & where it’s going in today’s sick twisted society. Keep Christ first and be wise & open your eyes as to where we are.

  4. I read that many religious people supported the Engel vs. Vitale decision, except the fundamentalists and Catholics. Here is a link.

    1. Exactly Anonymous. This thing is going to get so serious here afterwhile that folks won't even know what's going on..well, like now, lol. People are soooo clueless. All these years we've heard, "Child we living in the last days." Now that we're here, Christians now don't know how to react to what's going on. Amazing.

  5. Well spoken y'all! Many church folk today have NO idea what BEING PERSECUTED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE even means. folk (Christian's) scream and holler about being mistreated (racism) as well as any other tribulation we have to face and still don't understand what Jesus went is a shame!! OK, you can have whatever opinion you want to but I am going to listen to the TRUE Word Of God as best I can. We are a stiff-necked people...just as God spoke to the prophet Jeremiah and others. You CANNOT, TRUELY, identify with Christ until we put on HIS likeness and image. NOONE wants to suffer persecution 'personally' because Jesus also asked THE FATHER to take THIS CUP (dying on the cross) from him, BUT it was THE FATHER'S Will. Are we ready to go through something like that?? But we get caught up in these worldly issues that doesn't GLORIFY God. WOW!! SO, if you want to BE like Jesus, endure hardness as a good soldier and put on the mind of Christ...Not yours. In Christ Alone, RLR.


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