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A Christian Charity That Refused A $28,000 Donation Are Now Begging For Funds.

Reader, this Children's Home, which says it is "extremely behind on funds", recently refused to accept a donation of $28,280 from a group of atheists. The offer was with no strings attached, but to accept it "would go against everything they believe in."

 What do you think should this religious organization have accepted the funds or should they be free to refuse donations from whomever they want? I totally agree it's their right to reject a charitable donation, but I feel that the needs of the children should have come first in their decision.

Christian charity that rejected huge donation from atheists is now extremely behind on funds.
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  1. Ms Ann this is ridiculous! They need money and are begging for help but when offered over $20,000 they rejected it. $20,000 with no strings attached. $20,00 they desperately need. This is why common sense have left the building. This is pure stupidity.

    1. This is just sad. Obviously they don't actually care about these kids as much as their own pride. Just because atheists don't share your religion, doesn't mean they don't share your desire to help people. I know lots of Christians go on mission trips, and they help people who don't share their religion. Why not accept help from other groups? I thought pride was a sin?

  2. They should have accepted, blessed and prayed over the money and kept it moving.Who in their right mind turn down money?

    1. Yes they have the right to refuse the money, but it sucks to know that pride was more important than actually helping their intended benefactors. ESPECIALLY since they apparently really needed the money.IJS!

    2. Like whose interest are they really serving? It sure is not the kids??

  3. To derive at an inflamed conclusion to say they don't care about the children is ludicrous.

    1. If this charity is all about the children as they claim and they turn down money that could possible help the children....then they don't care about the children....now that's ludicrous.

    2. I'm quite sure this charity is more than being about children. It appears they are about principles as well.

    3. Nope Anonymous its obvious that the charity has no principles......if it had any then they would not be begging for funding. Money is green.

    4. Sorry Marsha...that's your opinion. I said it appears they are about principles. They don't believe in taking donations from athiests. Agree with them or not, that's their belief. To say they don't care about children because of a principle they hold, given all the work they have done to help children per their charity is insane. And now to say here they have no principles because they beg for money is a little over the top.

  4. As Christians, we should look at the bigger picture. In this case it is taking care of the children. Receiving money from atheists for the cause does not mean you are partaking in their unbelief. I don't know the whole story but I think this verse is apt: Luke 16:8 "...for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."

  5. I wouldn't go as far to say they DON'T CARE about the kids.

    But it seems they care more about the "perception" of accepting money from a sinful source, then the services they provide for the kids.

    Jesus used dirt to help a blind man see,
    A donkey to transport our Lord and savior,
    And a cross for "EXECUTIONS" as a symbol of his love for us.

    How poor is their faith that God can't make money from a group of non-believers into a blessing for others?


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