Lord Have Mercy: Bishops Denounce Vice President Joe Biden Over Role In Same-sex Wedding!

Reader, four days after Vice President Joe Biden posted on social media a photo of himself officiating at a same-sex wedding, three U.S. bishops criticized “a prominent Catholic politician” for sowing confusion about Catholic teaching on marriage “and the corresponding moral obligations.”

 On Monday, Biden, a Catholic, posted to his Twitter account a photo of himself presiding at the wedding ceremony of Brian Mosteller and Joe Mashie, two longtime White House staff members and friends of the vice president. Thoughts?


  1. From Biden to Obama and throughout the rest of the world, forget catholicism (which is corrupted in itself)...these folks could careless about what the Bible says and on how satan is corrupting every facet of how God's creation is suppose to flow here on earth. Satan and his demonic forces have even slowly changed the minds of many Christians concerning this and it's only going to get worse. Modern-day Babylon and Sodom is where we at.

  2. Yup..this president and vice president served their purpose under the hands of the zionist billionaires who run this country. And that is to usher in perversion to destroy the fabric of this country and the family. First the PONTUS, as Newsweek described him as the first gay president, not only because his gay friendly policies, but thathe Obama himself maup be gay. Larry st. Clair testified the PONTUS snorted cocaine with him and he performed oral on the PONTUS. NOW you have here, the vice president. These politicians (trump and Hilary included) are all sell outs who will do as they are told or else be ridiculed in public through the folks who own the media. We are told plain and simply by our master, not to put confidence and trust in man. No matter there top positions in this world.

  3. I wish that church leaders were equally vocal on more socially vital issues. Where were these bishops when the cops were murdering our boys? I don't remember a collegiate of bishops coming forth to denounce police brutality or helping to heal the community. They need to have a seat!

    1. And what about an outcry against the black preachees which say little to nothing about the black women who murder their children via abortion? It's been reported to me there were more abortions by black women than births in the year 2012. There has always been social isues and injustices throughout the history of mankind. There always will be until Jesus comes. If we are going to point fingers we should do so across the board.

  4. Right on Timezone & Anonymous. Then to the other Anonymous, your comment started out good but I am SO tired of hearing about this police brutality (with all due respect). Listen, my preacher Dad instilled within me and my 6 siblings...IF YOU ACT LIKE OR DO THINGS LIKE A THUG/CRIMINAL YOU MIGHT END UP GETTING SHOT/KILLED. I knew what that meant because I was born & raised in Georgia. But, you have your opinion and I have mine. I just KNOW how to avoid the appearance of evil as well as being TEMPTED by evil. That's what the WORD tells me. So, I'm sorry, I'm just not going to keep blaming someone else for my stupidity. SORRY AGAIN!! YES, there is INJUSTICE wherever we go and in EVERY walk of life...JESUS TOLD US THAT...because of SIN coming into the earth after Adam and Eve Sining. Anyway, this agenda that is being pushed from the Whitehouse is devilish and ungodly. In Christ Alone, RLR.


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