Justice Has Been Served: Former Tulsa Pastor Sentenced To Life For Sexually Abusing Teen!

Reader 56 year old Tulsa Pastor, Gregory Hawkins, is sentenced to seven life terms, one for each count of child sex abuse with a 15 year old girl he got pregnant. The molestation had gone on for a year before he was caught.

Hawkins started having sex with the girl when she was 14, and it lasted for a year until she got pregnant and went to police. Prosecutors said Hawkins had the girl lie and say her mother was prostituting her out. The mother lost custody and the girl went into foster care with parents that were employees of Hawkins, which gave him access to her whenever he wanted. Monday, Hawkins asked for mercy, but prosecutors told the judge he's manipulated the court system once and should not be allowed to do it again.

 Former Tulsa Pastor Sentenced To Life For Sexually Abusing Teen


  1. Not to diminish the crime, but if they give a life sentence to this man, they should do so likewise across the board for the same offense.


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