Jesus Take The Wheel: Russell Wilson Accused Of ‘Brainwashing’ Wife With Christian Lifestyle!

Reader Luke 5 records Jesus calling his first disciples. In both instances, in the calling of Simon Peter and Levi the tax collector, Luke notes they “left everything and followed him.” In other words those who followed Christ got to give up something. That still hold true today! It will cost you something to follow Christ.
Anyhow,  Ciara doesn't hang out with Kim Kardashian anymore. Doesn't act slutty anymore, marries a God fearing man and they're blaming this on Christianity. At least that's what I'm getting out of this post.   Can somebody help me understand another point of view. Am I missing something here? God help us all.



  1. No one should be surprised this judgment coming from Dirty Laundry. There is a push now to call Christianity psychologically abusive. Christ said the world hates Him. That will never change. One thing they can't attack is a loving God and changed lives. All will have to bow down to the King as He even reveals Himself through the lifestyle of His saints.

    1. Didn't anyone think she might have chosen the Christian life it doesn't mean she's brainwashed!!!!! I'm a believer in Christ and I made that choice with God no one else made me be a Christian! And when you become a born again believer you leave the old behind you don't go back and do all the things you used to do because you became brand new inside and out!!! You do what God as called you to do!

  2. Judging from this one sentence,

    "The singer is no longer in contact with some of her closest friends, including Kim Kardashian, and isn't provocatively dancing and giving fans LAP DANCES during her performances like she used to"

    One could argue that she WAS already brain washed and the good Lord (with Russell as the front man) help to set her free.

    NOT speaking to Kim Kardashian who's primary claim to fame is a sex tape,
    NOT giving lap dances to fans,
    NOT marrying Future who has SEVERAL BABY MOMMA'S around the country

    Russell Wilson needs to "BRAIN WASH" some more people with that CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE.

    1. Cop I agree with you getting away from the Kardashian family is a good move regardless if your a Christian or not.

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  4. The sick thing about it is that the world loves controversy and they hate that Ciara allowed Russell into her life. The world does not like the idea of living a clean life, especially for Jesus Christ. Better Russell than Future. Now hopefully (it's a looooooong stretch, but possible) Future and his boys will get it right and at least make and attempt to clean up the music they put out and TRY gospel. Again... a loooooooooong stretch. It would take a miracle. Hoping Ciara goes gospel 100%.

    1. Some of this RELIGIOUS talk is SOOOO SAD for those who say they are FOLLOWER'S of Christ. If you think that I would TRY and LEAD someone (in a relationship) that dresses HALF NAKED and gives LAP DANCES.... guess what....the devil is a lie. As a True Christian, I am to come out of the WORLD... IMMEDIATELY.... PERIOD! WOW, how WORLDLY minded the church still is! I didn't say we won't still have a battle with the flesh. BUT, when my wife and I got saved, we forsook the WORLD....TOTALLY. So this devilish mindset that it takes a while IS OF THE DEVIL. The WORD says...Love NOT the WORLD, neither the things of the WORLD...HINT! HINT! Russell. (Meagan Goode & her husband need to hear the same truth; as well as many other so called Celebrity Christian's). I don't know who his Pastor is but if he didn't get counseled on getting in a relationship with a GODLY person with CHRISTLIKE qualities, then his Pastor isn't giving him (Russell) the true WORD. I would do no less for my children...because that is what I am commanded to do. So, I would say Russell should have prayed to make SURE he was hearing the RIGHT SPIRIT and not another voice. There are MANY voices in the earth but all of them ARE NOT the Spirit Of God. In Christ Alone, RLR.

    2. Trust me Anonymous. I definitely understand what you're saying and you are correct. I shook my head when they went out on social media with that 15 second video together right after their wedding.. like.. hey ya'll, we just did the deed. In other words, we had sex. That vid was pretty ridiculous for the WHOLE world to see. What at husband & wife does together, ain't nobody crazy, but for them to truly profess Christ... gotta do better than that. These two are in the limelight in front of the whole world. Time will tell whether or not they're fully 100% all the way for Jesus and that means total lifestyle change. A good start I must say is her hopefully cutting ties with "sleep with all the men" Kardashians.


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