Jesus Fix It: With Open Arms, Israel Houghton Returns To Lakewood Church!

Reader, I am surprised at the foolishness of people who continue to support the Osteen/Lakewood show as even a remotely Christian enterprise, much less a church. Osteen's world-renowned "worship leader," Israel Houghton admitted to cheating on his wife, which finally led to a divorce. Houghton was put on leave from Lakewood until the divorce was final and Houghton quickly became engaged to one of the wildest, most godless women in Hollywood show business, even while insisting that she is a real woman of God. Now, Christian Post reports that Houghton is back at Lakewood. Anybody can search the endless details on Google and see that there is nothing remotely Christian about the lifestyles of these people. Nevertheless, fickle people will continue to give millions of dollars to them because they are brilliantly talented celebrities who can do no wrong. Poor, poor God. If He even has a seat in that 30,000 seat auditorium, it must be far up in the nosebleed section. No, I think it is stacked full of offering buckets.

Anyhow back in March, Adrienne Bailon‘s new boyfriend, Israel Houghton,was rumored to have been booted from his five-year position as a minister at Joel Osteen‘s Texas super-church amid cheating rumors; a few days ago Israel confirms he is engaged to Adrienne as he quietly returns to the Lakewood Church.

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  1. And with this new members for Lakewood. Yay! Target audience are the PYTs (Pretty Young Things) and of course more Osteen and Houghton product sales. The new couple will be the poster child of "look what the LORD has done". (Prettier, younger and sexier wife). SMH. If there is any doubt to believers that the One True God is no longer in the church, this big old red flag surely cannot be missed. The worst thing that can happen to any Christian is not to know when the spirit of God has departed (Story of King Saul and Samson applies here) and the fruits of it are seen in Israel leaving his wife for a lady whose images on the internet do not show a life lived in holiness. God is definitely not in this mess.

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    1. He should be barred from the church???


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