I 100% Agree: If Your Pastor Says" Racism Isn't A Skin Problem, It's A Sin Problem" You Need To Find Another Church!

Reader I am not in this space advocating for racially segregating worship. Lawrence Ware addresses churches who are unwilling to speak on root causes of racism. "If you attend a Christian church that has little to say in support of the movement for Black lives, if your pastor has called for prayer in regard to unity but has not pushed the congregation to engage in social protests to address the systemic nature of racial injustice, then White supremacy, not Jesus, may be your god. If racism is, indeed, a sin problem and not a skin problem, then someone needs to repent. And by someone, I mean America."

I agree with the following comment:

A people who has lived on the underside of the American dream  because of their skin color is likely to understand the Bible differently from those who have reaped its benefits. In the same way that both the slave and the slave owner prayed to a divine being but their understanding of God differed radically from one another, Black churches and White churches have historically had very different understandings of what it means to be a Christian. Black churches have historically been on the cutting edge of social justice movements as it relates to race and economic inequality. (Many of them, however, are either woefully silent or sinfully oppressive on issues like patriarchy and homophobia.) It is this Black interpretive lens that explains why people like Nat Turner, Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Richard Allen, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. felt so strongly about social injustice. Their understanding of God was of one who is not interested in merely having people of different ethnicities be nice to one another—Black Christians see God as a person who is interested in liberation.


  1. The problem is that people throughout the ages have used the Word of God according to their own (very) limited understanding and circumstances. They took what they liked or needed and the rest was left out. Or they changed the truth so it would fit into their own situation. But the Bible is a Holy Book, Gods Manual for life, inspired by Him. We can not change it, it is supposed to change us! If we buy something we don't just trow out the manual and decide to use the device our own way or write our own manual? This whole mess in the church is because people think they are wiser than an allknowing God. Most of these bishops, overseers, apostles, prophets, etc are seeing but blind. Do we really believe the Lord is interested in ethnicities? Really?? Whoever has rejected the Lord Jesus Christ will be LOST FOREVER regardless of their skincolor. God is interested in our eternal liberation from SIN. Yes we should speak up about social injustices, but if we know the Word we will also know that in this world we will have tribulation, but Christ has overcome the world. We are so focused on our troubles in this life, we are so caught up into our emotions, that we can't understand the truth that will set us free. As a church we perish because we lack in knowledge and understanding. We don't want to hear the truth but the lies of the false prophets and others who don't care nothing about us.


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