Detroit Minister Is Suing Radio One For Saying She Threw Hot Grits On Pastor Al Green??

Reader a Detroit minister on Monday filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court saying the tale of R&B legend Al Green was retold inaccurately.  On a March 9, 2016, installment of "Inside Detroit With Mildred Gaddis."  Minister Laura Lee who once collaborated with Al Green feels no love and happiness after hearing on the radio that she supposedly threw scalding-hot grits on the R&B legend in 1974.

 Green's grits injury is a much-dissected event in the singer's biography. As summarized by the History Channel, the soul crooner had been in the bathtub on Oct. 18, 1974, when ex-girlfriend Mary Woodson burst in and showered him with scalding-hot grits.

 "As a direct and proximate result of defendants' on-air broadcast of the false statement that plaintiff threw hot grits on Al Green, plaintiff Laura Lee has suffered ... loss of relationship with family and those she ministers to, ... mortification and infamy as a woman of God," the complaint states.

DJ Under Fire for Reporting on Old Al Green Grits Attack


  1. Ok. I'm gone keep it 100 as they say. Y'all know when ya'll saw the title of this posting... ya'll started laughing. 1974?? Really? Wow... smh.


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