A Timely Word From Deacon DMX: "Miracles Only Happen On The Platform Of Tragedy."

Reader Rapper DMX has always wanted to be a preacher and in a recent interview on Breakfast Club, he mentioned that he feels being a pastor will align perfectly with his message as an artist. On this past Sunday DMX may have stepped closer to the vision of becoming a pastor as a recent video posted on Facebook shows the New York rapper preaching in a Phoenix church.

 The Christian Post:


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  2. Ok. I'll receive his testimony. Don't know about the, "Miracles ONLY happen on the platform of a Tragedy" statement...I can well... kinda sorta see what he’s trying to say. God will come in and work something when everything is all good also I believe. Just saying. But I'm hoping and believing he's got it together. Now the next time I see D on the Internet, I'm pray that it'll continue to be to the glory and cleansing of sins and not one curse word is utter on a rap station he's been invited to speak on. Whether it be the Breakfast Club or any other radio station. Because the environment and peer pressure there will lure anyone to trip up and fall. Focus DMX. Please stay focused.

  3. He has in the past declared to have sold his soul to the devil. Christians in that church should be very careful. It might be another gospel creeping in via the pulpit. Jude 1:4

  4. See...it's people like this dude who is crying out for real truth to live, to know the only Master who emptied Himself of the Glory He had in heaven to walk amongst men, to be born of a Virgin, proved Himself to be the Christ, died so the we may live, and rose again so that we may be justified. The Lord is our Creator and Judge, and only faith in Him to save and faith to do Good works through the Power of the Spirit, being obedient unto His commandments, calling us to be separated from this world is the true meaning to our Christianity. I pray this guy wiLloyd know the real meaning of the faith. That He will stay away from and resist the false doctrine of TD Jakes and his deceptive ways to effeminize men. That He will know to discern the likes of a Brian Carn and people like him who would influence through the false use of the gift called prophecy. I pray he would stay away from Juanita Bynum who uses witchcraft to deceive many through her snake charm to lure them into her kingdom ministry. I pray this for this dude who he himself said was under the strong influence of Satan, the Lord blesses him to escape the wiles of the music industry, that he would be counseled by God's true minister as he screams for a relationship with God, as he comes to the truth and get off drugs and any vices that would cause him to stumble and fall. This guy is really struggling like so many in harvest that is ripe. The workers are so few. GOD lead and guide and save him.


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