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Testimony Time: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Let Rickey Smiley Take Over The House Of Hope Pulpit!!

Reader Sunday October 8, 2017, Dr. E. Dewey Smith senior pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta Ga, allowed his friend and church family Comedian Rickey Smiley to grace his pulpit with an awesome testimony....plus a big plug for his new book.

Check it out below: 

"When Hollywood Meet The Kingdom Of God?!?!?!"

Reader Pastor E. Dewey Smith is doing some mighty big things for the kingdom of God. Check out the growing list of new clients who are welcoming the idea of getting their names in lights. Pastor Smith posted the following on Instagram testifying of how God gave not him this vision of the bright lights of Hollywood but to his co partner Ms. Smith:

 2 YEARS AGO, this INCREDIBLE Woman of God told me about the Vision God gave her about "Hollywood Meeting The Kingdom"! For 25 YEARS, she's earnestly worked for the "Kingdom of God" to have a voice in Hollywood!!!!!! This powerful human being has endured MUCH for this process & is a MAJOR force in the Movie/TV Industry!!!

She has IMMENSELY blessed me, my family, my churches, my ministry & my life!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW her 25 YEAR VISION will become a REALITY!!! She was a MAJOR PLAYER in the CASTING & LAUNCHING of the show!!!!!! PLEASE help me CONGRATULATE my Co-CEO, My Business Partner, My Manager, an @hohatl member & GOD'S VESSEL..... CRYSTAL SMITH for opening this door for @preacherstalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 She did it "for His Name's Sake"!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for OUR companies, @smithandsmithmg AND @joy105!!!#2016WillBeLegendary #WarnerBrothers #TelePictures #TwoKingdoms #JOY105 #SmithAndSmithMediaGroup.



  1. I will pray these individuals keep their focus, but some of these concepts are problematic. Devon Franklin has success in Hollywood because he stands for his convictions and produce excellent content. I believe believers should be in Hollywood as salt and light, but gathering from the Instagram pics, it seems as if they want to be worldly with a little Jesus. This will only hurt our witness and not help it. What bothered me was the last pic about "Bella Bosses," which seems to be another reality TV show. I believe we should not "ape" the world but be different. The Bible does say that we are a peculiar people, so we should do our own kingdom stuff. Nevertheless, I will pray for guidance, discernment, and success for these individuals.

    1. Devon Franklin has worked CLOSELY with 2 homosexuals Will Smith & TD Jakes. He defended his wife dressing provocatively, and he wants to be famous. He is suspect.

  2. “God wants us to take our talents and increase them and make good on the investment He has made in us."

  3. Ann, all I can do and say, 'men will be lover of themselves'. Hollywood represents 'stars'.... We know who wanted to be a star so badly and he was cast out like a falling star. Why would any man of the cloth want to dance with anyone outside of his spouse or daughter??? God told us to come out from amongst them. Why are we mirroring the world? By allowing Oprah to use his church is the ONLY reason why that door opened for their studio. Oprah has the connections. SMH

    1. Dewey Smith is of the devil. Anytime a preacher allows for secular songs of the generations be sung and danced to in the Lord's service, is a big red flag to me. And Jackie Carr there too says a lot. These folks will receive their reward from the hands of Satan. The devil is a liar.

  4. I am sure they mean well, and I wish them the best

    But (cause I always have a "but")

    Christians and reality shows don't have the best reputations.
    (Preachers of L. A. & Detroit, Thicker than water, Mary Mary, Preach, Preachers daughter)

    Much like other reality shows, they thrive on and are built to foster foolishness. (Because holiness doesn't get the ratings).

    And it always amazes me how so many pastors today want to bring Christ to Hollywood but fewer want to bring Christ TO THE HOOD.

    Fortunately the bar for GOOD Christian shows isn't very high at the moment.

  5. I have no problem with people entering into industries. However, when "Jesus" is used as the cloak to mask our selfish ambitions, then you're basically lying to yourself, the world, and trying to pimp God.

    This reminds me of Passa Marvin Sapp starting a salon, and using his title Pastor in conjunction with secular business. Just start a salon, but don't use spiritual & sacred titles to elevate natural things such as working.

    Going back to topic, there is no way that you can use someone else's platform truly promote ideals that are the antithesis of their goals/beliefs. Hollywood is not for Christians (I've worked there so I know). Beyond that, our roles in the church are to strengthen the church and lead people to Christ. We have more important things to do besides "branding" ourselves to get famous.

    Media is a wonderful invention. If you want to use it for God's glory, create a platform for God's message to thrive. But decrease yourself. EXMinistries is a great example of how to create (we are creators!) avenues using the media to promote Jesus Christ in the earth.

    1. Awesome word ChelleBelle. Everyone had great points here. It's hard to truly be a "light of truth" in Hellyweird. The directors, sponsors, etc... will allow you to only go so far. To show you where we are brothers and sisters.... I work at a Univ. Ya'll ready for this? There was a display that documented evidence of time in a chronological order about rock formation in the library. It was displayed like: 400 B.C. - 800 B.C. YA'LL THEY TOOK B.C. OFF BECAUSE PEOPLE KNOW IT ORIGINALLY STOOD FOR "BEFORE CHRIST!" They replaced it with "CE" "Common Era." They used to have it as "BCE" which they say "Before Common Era." If it's like this at a Univ., can ya'll imagine what it's like in Hollywood?! They attack is on, we have to be prayed up and endure until the end and myself personally, I don't see how you can do this being wrapped up in Hollywood. Our time here on earth is short so we have to be an example. I don't know how long my time here at the Univ. will be, but if I'm challenged, I must stand and if that means moving on, I'll do it. God bless yall.

    2. Amen!!! And May God continue to bless u too! :) :)

  6. I wondered if the cast members of "Duck Dynasty" have opportunities in Hollywood, would this be different than these preachers program.

  7. Wow, crystal has come a lonnngggg ways. Glad for her success.

    1. Yell she have come along way by way of stealing other people's work and ideas. Ain't that right Ms. Ann?


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