The Foolishness Of Teddy & Tina Campbell Is Now Headed To Your City As A Tour?????

Reader, you're entitled to YOUR own opinion, and so do I.  But why in the world would anybody in their right mind be interesting in listening to a whore monger and fool? IJS! In my humble opinion, this is just about the craziest  thing one can ever do. Just because you go through a rough patch and work it out seemingly behind the scene doesn't qualify you. Tina Campbell has announced a 36 city FREE tour (hint, hint book sells). "An evening with Teddy and Tina" is set to kick off this fall. More info coming soon. I won't pay one cent to see this disgusting mess.

Not everyone should give advice and these two shouldn't in my opinion....I have zero respect for them, I'm just saying.  Sorry but she or he can't tell me anything  when he and she can't get their own house in order. Miss me with that foolishness.

You know Teddy lived in a multimillion dollar home, drove nice cars, ate good, had money in his pockets, and lived large, due to his musically successful wife. It's kind of hard to imagine him suffering as much as Tina puts on, to the point that the pain forced him into the arms of someone else, and now all of a sudden his eyes have com open. I'm sorry, and it may be just me, but I don't have a lot of sympathy for either one of these jokers.


  1. Can they just work out their problems without telling the whole world? This is nothing more than a moneymaking scheme. People will show up in droves because of a lack of discernment. They should work out their salvation with fear and trembling just like the rest of us. I have no words for this.

    1. Johnny I agree it's about the money.

  2. I am with you on this Ann.

    Didn't this two JUST get back together. Now they feel qualified to ADVISE other couples?!?!

    They're just as bad as James Fortune giving out advice on domestic violence.

    My advice to them.
    Stay off of reality TV
    Enjoy your marriage
    Let OTHER MORE EXPERIENCED QUALIFIED COUPLES (people he went to school for this sort of thing) TEACH OTHER people.
    And be thankful that you & your husband are still together.

  3. Yup..all this is called the "gospel of transparency" in the name of "keeping it real". Meanwhile with this new "gosoel", the Teddy and Tina will profit as workmen worthy of their lives full od drama, Many will run to their altar of reality TV, and be touched by the"annointimg" of their peculiarits. And what a blessing it would be to have Tina and Erica bless us with an A and B selection. We know then the Holy Spirit will bring down the rain. Hal-le-lug-ya...


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