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Why Didn't Tasha Cobbs Show Up For The Woman of Gospel Event In Toronto Canada Last Night? Was It About The Money?

Reader, there are two sides to every story. People have heard one side and have become the judge, the jury, and the executioner. You cannot come to a conclusion just based off of one party allegedly telling the truth-that is nonsense. 

Anyhow rumors are being put forth on social media that Tasha Cobb refused to perform last night in Canada, because the venue hosting the event didn't have all her money.   What is in the dark, always comes to light. 

So Kelly Price Picked The Wrong Song To Sing At A Gospel Explosion!??!!?

Reader Kelly Price is upset, she just caught some Christian heat for performing this song (As We Lay) during the Gospel Celebration segment of the IBE.   I guess it was a miscommunication!! BUT now she mad at indy because a lady got on her afterwards! ....Your singing an adulterous song how do you come back from that? I'm so cracking up because SHE mad.

Come on don't sing about adultery at a gospel event. Then act as if people set you up and you did as asked. Those are not the only songs that you have in your plethora of music to sing....and those songs shonuff didn't get you where you are today. I believe you were asked to sing because of your gospel background. Don't get mad at Indiana Black expo and church folk....be mad, because you didn't get clarification. IJS


Ok if Kelly doesn't feel as if what she did was wrong why does she feel it's necessary to keep explaining herself on social media? I've laughed at several of her social media clips/rants as she's played the victim but that's how the enemy does. He uses you up and leaves you looking dumb!!!!! Just repent Kelly, renounce that dumb spirit, and get out of your feelings. When you carry the spirit of the world MIXTURE will confuse you. I love you and your music.


  1. lol, utter nonsense, they always want to blame Christians for being not too chummy about their lifestyle, they want us to excuse , be okay with their lifestyle, SMH, are we to conform to you or conform to Christ? get over yourself missy!! you are God's creature not His child until you decide to surrender your life to Christ then you become part of the family not the other way around

    1. Natasshia Roxanne HallMonday, 18 July, 2016

      I am going to say this and take my seat. I totally disagreed with Kelly Price's choice of songs for the IBE Gospel Fest and her reaction to people checking her about it however she made a mistake and can be forgiven. She has taken an offense and I can understand to some extent because some of the comments were brutal but in the end I feel she just erred and can still redeem herself in Indy if she chooses. Kelly, you are still an amazing singer and a child of GOD....

    2. I will always be a fan of Kelly Price. But I believe there was a misunderstanding on all parts. But the crucifixion has come due to all of these videos being posted. So those of us who were there are sayin "you shoulda you coulda" and KP is saying "I didn't know".... Going deeper, no one on the stage - the emcee - said anything disrespectful. She said "give it up for kelly price! Now let's take it to church." What harm is in this statement? So leave the emcee out of it, none of us there really cared until all these videos went up bashing our little annual event that we all love and support. Hell, I was in the corner screaming and singing as we lay with you!! Lol Moving forward, don't be so quick to defend yourself. Don't be afraid of being discussed in the media for a mistake that may not be all you're fault - if that's true. You can't call out Christians and pastors for having an opinion as if you aren't a Christian who doesn't have an opinion. Moving on!!

    3. Betty Sue Woods:Monday, 18 July, 2016

      Ms. Ann, unfortunately our city, the church and IBE was slammed by Kelly Price for chastising her for singing a sex, cheat on your spouse song during a performance at a gospel concert. This one's easy; you don't sing a secular song at a gospel concert and then get social media mad and blame everybody but yourself.

  2. You sang a song about adultery and you mad the saints disagree with the song selection? I'm sorry they didn't give her notice that they wanted songs that align with the GOSPEL in a Gospel showcase. As a preacher's daughter and a "church girl" she should've known better. Chalk it up as a loss and let it ride. IG won't make you feel better.

  3. So Kelly is upset because a sister in Christ call her out about her secular performance? Well let's just shut down all of the Churches.This is when you know that the one is completely lost in the world....SMH

    1. Well here is what all the noise has been about that Sister Price posted a video expressing her offense that the MC (who was that by the way) told her this song "As We Lay" was inappropriate for the Sunday afternoon family Gospel Explosion...NOTE: audience...crickets
      A song that even the originator Shirley Murdock doesn't sing on stage anymore and almost didn't record it and I quote "b/c the lyrics didn’t sound like [these adulterers] were remorseful, nor was it a Godly." She added the line "...should've counted up the cost..." and that allowed her as a Christian to go forth and record & sing it.

    2. Yall Kelly knew because she sang a inspirational song B4 she sung the secular one! They asked her to do her music but they did not think she would sing that type of song seeing that she has other gospel songs! I'm from Indy and she just degraded the church,pastors, and IBE! She knew better! I believe she's embarrassed cause she was pulled to the side. Praying for her to humble herself! No love lost.

  4. Kelly go sit down somewhere. It's called godly standards not church bigotry. Flesh got hit so she hollering. I think the saying is "a hit dog will holler". Can't wait to see God do a move in this woman. Very prideful.

  5. Ms. Ann when is "As we lay", a song about adultery EVER glorify God? Additionally when would that ever be appropriate at a gospel concert...a gospel concert that she posted flyers for from her own account? Bad choice, flat out. Criticizing and blaming church folks for her choice won't help her case. And making 5+ posts about it won't either. Just move on from it... IBE hasn't dragged her name through mud, they took a higher road, the same one that she should've!

  6. 2 things:
    1-She knew it was a gospel themed event, so to choose that song and justify it by saying they asked me but didn't say what I could sing. Don't nobody tell you what bathroom to go to but you choose the right one.
    2-For all the hypocritical saints, 80% of what they call gospel music is not! Define gospel music then tell me how much you have removed from your catalog. My bad, you gotta know what the gospel is first!

  7. "AS WE LAY"?!?!
    "AS WE LAY"?!?!

    As in,
    "We forgot to face one simple fact
    We both belong to someone else,
    As we slept the night away"

    Pleased tell me she isn't THAT ignorant to sing "As WE LAY" at a gospel event.

    She needs to accept her rebuke, issue an apology and move on.

    We need to truly start an outreach program exclusively for gospel singers. Because some of them are off the chain CLUELESS.

    James Fortune, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Le Andria Johnson, Detrick Haddon and so many others have embarrassed themselves and the gospel through their actions and deeds.

    We will call it G.A.G (pun intended)
    Gospel Artists Gospel, bringing GOSPEL to artists that DON'T KNOW THE GOSPEL for themselves.

    1. Cop you funny. This is a lesson to us. If the church was looking for a gospel only concert they should have chosen a gospel only artist. That way there would have been no ambiguity about what the artist was to perform. Yes Kelly sings gospel music but as an artist unless it's specifically specified in the contract they are at liberty to sing what they want. Should she have made a different choice??? Absolutely but at the end of the day responsibility has to be taken by whoever booked her as well. Then if she still chose to sing something else she would have been in breach of contract and would have risked getting paid or sued. So to church officials, booking folks etc be clear on who you are booking and know that while it may fill your seats, the message may not fill your attendees hearts the way you intended. So while there is lil responsibility on Kelly's part the biggest was on whoever ASSUMED she was gonna sing only gospel just because it was a gospel concert. So let's stop using secular artist altogether if we are not prepared for ALL that they bring... IJS

    2. I agree with your statement and too many times organizers are worried about warm bodies versus getting quality singers. Yes, if you know a potential performer sings secular AND gospel music, don't bring them. While we are on the subject, make sure any performer, fashion show, or panel interview is family-friendly. This is my personal view.

  8. The arrangment of a lot of Black gospel music is infused with R&B anyways. Don't get mad at Kelly. These type artists and their music is an attraction, and many in the church don't know what to condemn and what not to condemn. Music is a spiritual problem in the church. For the most part, there is no good biblical standards about music in a lot of these black churches. All they are interested in is a skilled musician who can make people dance and shout.

  9. If I were to go in the direction of who's to blame, there's too much to go around, haha. First of all the majority of the times when I hit the stage if you will, the folks inviting me to play for a choir soloist etc., they know it's gone be Jesus music, duh.....That's all I'm playing anyway. Sometimes the organization doing the inviting will ask for a music song list. DID THEY ASK KELLY THIS QUESTION? Now as for this I guess gospel organization inviting her.. that's a problem from the jump. Ya'll know she do secular. The Gospel music industry is a mess anyway if you ask me. Now as for Kelly's words..She said this is the reason why folks don't goto church. KELLY, FOLKS DON'T WANNA GOTO REAL CHURCHES BECAUSE THEY WANNA STAY IN SIN. So Kelly, think about yo lyrics in "As We Lay." Really? Use your head. THINK. You singing that a suppose to be gospel music setting. smh..unreal...

    1. Did anyone think maybe she was set up. You all were waiting for this moment, see it your comments. All the bull I'm witnessing in the Church who sincerely dispensing the Gospel proper to the lost in these times. It could have been a message in Kelly voice through Shirley Murdock song to some of the many Adulterers in the audience, In 2015 it almost wasn't a Black Church I enter that didn't feel it was inappropriate to play #Ferrell I'm Happy in the Church so You Holy then thou got a exposed to a Piece of your on Medicine....You shouldn't have gave Kirk Franklin the pass that lead him to Stardom...She simply exposed what's really going on in the Church....Something you Pastors Holy People refuse to Preach on....So welcome to Club Bethlehem....Stop acting like that was Pulpit....You Got em"

  10. Annie Lou Smith:Monday, 18 July, 2016

    I was there. They had signs and banners post cards and flyers that stated Gospel Stage. Now being an artist I'm sure she was familiar or is familiar with that term Gospel. Kelly has plenty of inspirational hits. She should have been more professional in selecting something since she was on a Gospel platform. So, to you Tasha, please save your video. Indianapolis don't role like that.

  11. After reading the post, the fault lies with the organizers of the Gospel Fest. The Indiana Black Expo could have chosen better singers for the event. The organizers knew Price sung gospel AND R&B, although she has toned down her music some. At the same time, Price sung a very inappropriate song for a Gospel concert and should not get mad when she was called on it. These expos are a mixture of the sacred and the secular, just look at the photo highlights of these events. Also, in looking at some of the pro-Price responses, they are nothing more than carnal Christians who never live what they proclaim their faith is all about. Please remember she sung "As we Lay" at a Gospel event, not at another appropriate Expo concert. This should be a lesson to any organizer of an expo targeting African-Americans: Use discernment in selecting acts and not because they can attract a crowd.

  12. Not surprised, people should glad because it could have been worse.


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