Should The Church Automatic Offer A Severance Package For Those Removed From Office By The Governing Board For “ongoing sinful behavior”?

Reader in my opinion, whenever a pastor is terminated or forced to resign, the board often times handles these matters poorly. The board usual identifies the pastor as their enemy, exaggerates any charges against him, and either fires him outright or forces him to quit. What if the pastor will not leave without a severance package?  This is what seems to have been the thing with Pastor Robert Harvey whom I've mentioned in this space before.....whose wife in June held a meeting with the women of Riverside Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. And announced that her husband was gay and had been involved with two preachers at that time....have now resigned as of this past Wednesday. According to reports the church gave him a big severance package and sent him on his way. What do you think?  Should The Church Automatic Offer A Severance Package For Those Removed From Office By The Governing Board For “ongoing sinful behavior”?


  1. So basically the fired pastor held the church hostage until he got his money.

    The BIG problem (as you mentioned) is the weak church boards act like they don't want to hurt the pastors feelings.

    Your suppose to treat firing a pastor LIKE ANY OTHER PROFESSION (though I don't believe being a pastor should be a profession).

    When I got fired from a job a few years ago they handled it as the BOARD SHOULD.

    They took my keys,
    Removed my name from Any letter head,
    Had me clean out my personal belongings from my locker and desk
    all while a guard stood watch in case I acted a fool.

    If your board can't properly remove a pastor without being strong armed out of some money, then it's time to find some new board members.

  2. This is just my opinion. Even though he may have sinned, during his time of pastoring his living status included the check he recieved each month. Bills didnt stop rolling in because of his behavior. So i think the stiphen will and may help him and his family while in the process of finding a job out Side of pastoring.

    1. I am just curious Anonymous.

      How is the bills of THE FIRED PASTOR the CHURCHES PROBLEM?


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