Pastor John Gray Sings "Thriller" By Michael Jackson With A Christian Twist At The House Of Hope!

Reader Real John Gray preached today in the pulpit of The House of Hope Atl,  in front of  hundreds, if not thousands.  Why in the middle of the sermon, without warning, he turns—and launches into a full-body rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” “His name is Jesuuus, Jesus Christ,” he belts to the tune of the iconic song. “Bled and died and rose just to give eternal life.”  According to those in attendance WHAT a great message with a lot of comedy. The clip below is from his Thriller at Lakewood Church which is similar to the one he did at HOHALT, today.  What do you think?'



  1. It was funny and cute with a great message. However, he does have to be mindful of those in the audience which takes the things of God seriously.

  2. The very first line of thriller says "It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking In the dark.

    Is it ok for me to take any secular song and change the lyrics and call is acceptable worship to God? Wouldn't the very nature and theme of the song thriller be an unclean song? Doesn't the Word say in 2 Corinthians 6:17 Therefore, "Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you."

    Why would I even want to touch this song and attempt to scrub it of all its filth and then say "Here ya go God, a clean version of the song Thriller written just for you and for people who need to be saved.

    Go somewhere and sit down sir!!!!

  3. I'm about to get sick.......

  4. I somewhat agree with Christian Pentecostal, even though most of the music in the Pentecostal church is highly rhythmic that they use to put many in an altered state of consciousness, leaving many open to suggestions. This is scary, at least in mu mind.

    But as for this dude singing "Thriller" with some Jesus in the lyrics, I've concluded, it's just no stopping this type music in a lot of these black churches. The theology of music is, it doesn't matter the tune or the beat, as long as the lyrics has Jesus in them. This approach is not biblical at all. The Bible is clear we should sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs who would say the sacred songs of the past were borrowed from bar tunes, so there is no real biblical guidelines for doing music biblical. They make the claim Martin Luther and the Wesleys used tavern music. It is important to note however, Luther was extremely conscious of the dangers of using the world’s music and he rarely borrowed from secular music. When he did (not bar tunes though), He’d change it to remove all worldly influences. Luther carefully changed the music to fit the Christian message. Of his 37 chorales, only one came directly from a secular song, and it was later replaced by a new tune he had written himself. “By avoiding dance tunes and ‘de-rhythming’ other songs. And when Luther wanted to write spiritual songs that were pleasing to young people, he was careful to wean them away from fleshly music.

    And as for the Wesleys, they did make use of secular music as hymn tune, BUT VERY VERY rarely. And when they did, the music always was from sources of recognizable beauty and excellence. In every case where they use of secular music for their hymns, it was always of the highest caliber, never a little ditty, jingle or disposable contemporary pop tune of the day that would be cast aside as soon as the next one was penned.


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