Pastor Jamal Bryant Tell 'Preachers' Fans He Was Joking About Open Marriage!

Reader Pastor Jamal Bryant has apologized to his mom and fans for his joke about open marriage. In my opinion, this was the wrong time to be joking,on national TV in front of the world!!! As people of God, we must understand the days that we are living in. The Bible is under attack, from the government and down, the church is under attack and Christian doctrine is under attack. Preachers need to make up their minds, are they going to be proclaimers of the word of God everywhere and at all times or are they going to be cultural celebrity pacifiers to those who are perishing? I can't laugh at his joke, it's too serious!


  1. Jamal (non-Oxford) Bryant is THE LAST PERSON who should be joking about open marriage and sleeping with other people.

    This show is slowly exposing Jamal Bryant as the fraud of a pastor and a straight up hypocrisy in which he lives.

    I hope for his sake the show is canceled or he leaves so he can deal with his issues.

  2. Actually to be honest, I sensed a little "joke" in his comment. I've made several sarcastic statements that was taken out of context. That being said, I think he and the other minister failed at a great opportunity to preach about the sanctity of marriage and the pitfalls of open marriages. All they had to do as ministers was tell the truth, and let God handle the rest. They failed to be soldiers, in my opinion.

  3. Jamal wasn't joking. He said what he lives.
    He apologized 'cause he got called on it.

    Where are the REAL preachers that stand for holiness and not foolishness.

  4. what ever is in a mans herat comes out his mouth.there you have it he let the world know


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