LeCrae Is Unapologetically Black‬!

Reader LeCrae just pissed off half his fan base with the above pic and quote. Some recognition is good and appropriate. I see nothing wrong with what he posted. As far as I know it is his family. Pride is bad especially when it's used to tear down another race of people. You got to see the comments to see just how much this tweet has angered his white fan base. They want Lecrae to be Christian but not Black.


  1. Anything that reminds them of their forefathers past they want us to forget. If this was a pic of atrocities of the Holacaust then we would be paying homage. But because of the prophecies that they will repay for the inhumane treatment of the children of Israel,they dont want to see it. Dont we find it ironic that we are the only NATION of people that they want is to forget. But God does not. Read Joel 3.

  2. FYI, Oldest photograph was taken in 1826-7.


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